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MBBS BNurs BChinMed BPharm BBiomedSc BASc(GHD) BSc(Bioinformatics) UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 The Gateway to Knowledge, Competence and Empathy

Greetings to prospective students of HKUMed. HKUMed has a long-standing history of nurturing future healthcare professionals both locally and internationally. Following our 135th anniversary celebration in 2022, we were named the number one medical school in Hong Kong by both QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 and Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by Subject 2023. In the “Clinical and Health” subject ranking of the THE World University Rankings 2023, we achieved a new high by ranking 13th in the world. All these milestones have attested to the collective hard work and effort of our academic staff, clinicians, students, and alumni community at large; which in turn reassure the general public that HKUMed is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Education & Programmes At HKUMed, students not only receive excellent professional education, but are also armed with the skills to keep learning beyond graduation. Our team at HKUMed work together harmoniously to support our student community and we are confident that students will benefit from the breadth and depth of the specialist skills available. A wide range of healthcare-related and professional programmes are offered at HKUMed, including MBBS, BNurs, BChinMed, BPharm, BBiomedSc, BASc(GHD), and BSc(Bioinformatics) programmes. These programmes train and produce skilled, confident, and caring individuals, who will serve our society and beyond in a variety of positions. Technology in Teaching & Learning As technology plays an increasingly central role in the healthcare industry, our students, particularly those in professional degree programmes, will have access to cutting-edge technologies and equipment for learning, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and hand-held ultrasound probes, and they are obliged to be proficient in the application of this variety of technologies in the healthcare field. The worldwide impact and drastic transformation being brought by Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially since the launch of ChatGPT on higher education, are already palpable. In response, our students need to be prepared now more than ever to acquire knowledge independently. The fast-paced technological advancement also means that our students will have even more to learn from now on, and they will be expected to achieve the mastery of the literacy and application of upcoming scientific innovation, which may be under clinical development, in the commercial stage, or simply in the ideation phase or something beyond our imagination. The ability to inquire, research, and produce high-impact work will therefore be increasingly important – and our students will definitely develop and build up this capability when they leave HKUMed. With the ceaseless upgrade and introduction of new teaching facilities and technologies in a people-first environment; coupled with the maintenance of academic rigour and steadfast adherence to high standards in our programmes, I am confident in affirming that HKUMed is the right place for you to gain the best undergraduate experience. Message from the Dean Professor Chak-sing Lau, BBS, JP Dean of Medicine LKS Faculty of Medicine 01

The Cradle of Healthcare Professionals As the longest-standing institution of higher education in Hong Kong, HKUMed has a strong reputation as a pioneer in medical education, training and research, while proudly serving as a bastion of morality, vision and care. Both Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings have consistently named us one of the top-ranking medical-related institutions in Asia recognising our continuous commitment to upholding professionalism and clinical teaching excellence. #1 #1 #1 in Hong Kong in Hong Kong in Hong Kong in the World in the World in the World #13 #29 #31 Each year, our Faculty admits nearly 640 students across seven programmes including MBBS, BNurs, BChinMed, BPharm, BBiomedSc, BASc(GHD) and BSc(Bioinformatics). With over 5,300 students in total, we are proud to be one of the largest faculty with a significant student body who will become future professionals in their respective fields. To date, we have trained healthcare practitioners and scientists, as well as many internationally renowned researchers and policy-makers. In this aspect, we are also proud to continue our tradition of spearheading achievement from our campus in Sassoon Road. Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023 by subject in Clinical and Health QS World University Rankings 2023 by subject in Life Sciences and Medicine QS World University Ranking 2023 by subject in Medicine UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 02

Teaching and Learning: Empowering Curious Minds To engage students in the classroom, more than 420 fulltime teaching staff from our 20 departments and schools deploy the latest technologies, to deliver education, such as augmented reality, virtual reality and simulated reality. These full-time teaching staff are supplemented by a team of honorary teachers, most of whom are medical professionals. Taking a student-centred approach, HKUMed always listens to your needs and other aspects of your on- and offcampus life, aside from welcoming your feedback on the curriculum. We are constantly reviewing the curriculum to ensure that it keeps pace with the scientific developments and changing needs of modern healthcare. To achieve this, our teaching approach is constantly evolving to make you ready for today’s healthcare industry, such as the recent provision of training in point-of-care ultrasound for medical students to gain hands-on experience wherever they go. Moreover, you can have access to our enrichment opportunities throughout your study at HKUMed, from international exchanges to volunteering for community vaccine drives. Clinical Services: Building Caring and Compassionate Society HKUMed endeavors to deliver unparalleled clinical services across all settings while ensuring robust clinical governance wherever we serve. Our affiliated teaching hospitals and outpatient-based clinical services units, operating under the brand name of “HKU Health System” offer invaluable opportunities for students to learn wider and deeper. Our close collaboration with the public and private healthcare sectors also manifests the Faculty’s commitment to becoming a local and regional leader in healthcare management. Meanwhile, our clinical members have been actively engaging in a wide range of activities for sharing knowledge and expertise beneficial to the community we serve. Through our dedicated cultivation, HKUMed graduates have made incredible achievements and gone on to become leaders in their respective fields. Their success is a testament to the excellent education we provide. Research and Innovation: Unlocking the Unknown Research achievements are a crucial contributor to HKUMed’s global reputation. As of now, 64 of our staff members ranked among the top 1% of scholars in their field in terms of citation and recognition. We always look ahead to discover the next breakthrough while brushing up on our existing areas of expertise. As such, HKUMed researchers have been standing at the forefront of research into COVID-19 and other infectious diseases globally and have been recognised for their academic achievements. It was our honour that two of our scientists won the 2021 Future Science Prize in Life Sciences for their work. Our researchers are supported by ample funding, state-ofthe-art facilities and the Faculty’s extensive worldwide networks. As an undergraduate seeking a head start in your career, you can explore research opportunities under the guidance of our scientists and pursue discoveries in our world-class laboratories. 03 LKS Faculty of Medicine

For the benefit of mankind, our Faculty has always been at the forefront of medical research and development in the field of new clinical services. Through the toil and persistence of our researchers, we have made key contributions to the study and treatment of cancers and liver diseases, along with several notable advances in tissue typing, spinal surgery, infectious diseases, in-vitro fertilisation, endocrinology and tobaccorelated diseases. 1959 1964 1969 1977 1983 1990 1995 1996 2000 2001 2003 2004 First transoral approach performed for the surgical treatment of upper cervical spine dislocations and tuberculosis in the world First Pharyngo-laryngo-oesophagectomy in the world First kidney transplant in Hong Kong First microsurgical thumb replant in Hong Kong First antenatal screening for hereditary blood disease established in Hong Kong 1989 First maxillary swing operation for recurrent nasopharyngectomy in the world First bone marrow transplant in Hong Kong First lung transplant in Hong Kong First baby in Hong Kong conceived through intracytoplasmic sperm injection was delivered First in the world to conduct an adult-to-adult right lobe living donor liver transplant First in Asia to show improved respiratory health in children in response to pollutant reduction after the implementation of anti-air pollution law First intervertebral disc transplant in humans in the world First catheter-based endomyocardial transplant of autologous bone marrow stem cell for the treatment of severe coronary artery diseases in the world First radiofrequency ablation for cancers in Hong Kong First to discover the SARS coronavirus First to identify the source of SARS coronavirus infection First to characterise the epidemiology of SARS coronavirus Faculty’s Firsts UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 04

2005 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2016 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 First to identify the natural reservoir of SARS coronavirus First in the world to develop and launch a publicly accessible index (Hedley Environment Index) with hourly estimation of air pollution impact on adverse health outcomes and economic costs First remotely controlled expandable device implantation surgery to treat children with scoliosis in the world First to develop a patented prescription drug, an oral arsenic trioxide preparation for the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukaemia First combined heart and liver transplant in Hong Kong First extra-cranial intravenous-cranial vascular bypass and craniofacial resection for locally advanced recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the world First in the world to describe a model of coronavirus evolution, based on the 23 novel human and animal coronaviruses discovered over 10 years First in the world to characterise the epidemiology of H7N9 influenza First subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillator in Asia First exome-chip analysis of lipid traits in Chinese First live birth by assisted reproduction with preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) using next-generation sequencing for couples having chromosomal error in Hong Kong First comprehensive study of MERS coronaviruses found in Africa First invention of a universal antibody drug for HIV-1 prevention and immunotherapy First magnetic sphincter augmentation for gastroesophageal reflux disease in Asia COVID-19: The Department of Microbiology and the HKU-Shenzhen Hospital provided the world’s first evidence to establish person-to-person spread in The Lancet COVID-19: HKUMed discovered a novel vaccine strategy to prevent SARS-CoV-2 nasal infection First to discover a novel immunotherapeutic target against hepatocellular carcinoma in the world First to establish the human respiratory organoid culture system and unveils a novel mechanism for the high transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant 05 LKS Faculty of Medicine

A Passage to Professionalism Medical education has been at the heart of the University of Hong Kong since its establishment, and HKUMed has been a global leader in medical education and research throughout the past 135+ years. Today we look forward to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals and leaders. There are many support systems in place at HKUMed, from financial aids, modernised facilities, extensive advice to networks, enabling students to join various local and overseas learning programmes, including clinical attachments, exchanges, service trips and study tours, in addition to the MBBS Enrichment Year. We strongly believe this well-rounded experience is essential to the personal and professional development of our students. UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 06

A Home to Learn, Grow and Connect The Medical Campus in Sassoon Road is home to our teaching schools and departments, research laboratories and various state-of-the-art facilities, creating a conducive learning environment to facilitate our goals. Currently, we are expanding to provide the finest training facilities for the next generation of healthcare professionals. The latest addition – 3 Sassoon Road – welcomes you to the Medical Campus with sleek communal spaces and spacious clinical skills laboratories equipped with highfidelity simulators. The nine-storey building serves as the home of the School of Chinese Medicine and School of Nursing with facilities tailored to the needs of each School’s students. Our core mission is to enrich the total learning experience for students by creating spaces, where they can socialise and connect outside the classroom. This is exemplified by the Cheung Chin Lan Hong Atrium that invites you into the William M.W. Mong Block. A few floors above this airy space is the Faculty Learning Commons where you can study independently or work collaboratively with peers. This Medical Campus landmark serves as the venue for many events, making it a popular spot for socialising. For those looking for a quiet place to learn, the Yu Chun Keung Medical Library suits your need. As a centre of excellence in knowledge management, the Medical Library houses significant digital resources and print collections, covering biomedical and health sciences, while new alternate reality and virtual reality tools on the mezzanine level allow you to delve deeper. Our ambitious development plans revolve around our students’ whole-person development, which means we care about not only your academic studies but also your well-being. The addition of the new outdoor garden on 1/F of the William M.W. Mong Block exactly embodies this goal. It is a peaceful escape surrounded by nature where you can enjoy panoramic sea views and take a breath of fresh air between classes, attesting to our dual emphasis. The Faculty Boardroom located in the Daniel and Mayce Yu Administration Wing, another recent addition, brings us yet closer to this objective by providing ample space for academic conferences and professional seminars. To foster a culture of inclusiveness, we are proud to support our diverse student body with the addition of gender-neutral facilities and a new prayer room which gives members of our community a dedicated location to pursue their spiritual lives. In the years to come, the Sassoon Road Campus will be transformed into a state-of-the-science campus stretching from Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) on Pokfulam Road at the top, to the Victoria Road roundabout at the bottom. This reinvigorated education complex will provide even greater opportunities for our students. Discover our campus 07 LKS Faculty of Medicine

At HKUMed, the Student Wellness Team is dedicated to promoting the growth and whole-person development of our students. The team offers a range of outreach activities and workshops with a focus on assisting our students to raise their mental health awareness so that they can have better resilience to meet the challenges of academic life. The Peer Supporter Programme, on the other hand, creates a supportive environment to help you thrive in HKUMed’s academic environment. Additionally, free and easy access to confidential clinical services is available on the Medical Campus. Provided by a team of professional counsellors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, an array of services includes individual and group counselling, consultation, crisis intervention, assessment, and other outreach activities. While recognising the differences of everyone's needs, the team is committed to providing personalised support to help students achieve their goals. All in all, our Student Wellness Team realises that success in academic and professional pursuits is not solely dependent on hard work and dedication, but also on prioritising and nurturing one's physical and emotional well-being. Our team stands by you and grow your skills to navigate the challenges of university life, build resilience, and thrive academically and personally. We are committed to supporting students on their journey and helping them reach their full potential. When it comes to achieving academic professional goals, every undergraduate student at HKUMed is paired with an Academic Adviser. This adviser-advisee relationship lasts for the entire period of study, with the aim of providing the necessary support for your academic, career and life pursuits. These changes empower our students to think critically, explore available options, evaluate their progress and take personal responsibility for decision-making. Dedicated advice and guidance also extend to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery students planning their Enrichment Year or to students in other programmes undertaking overseas exchanges. Here for You UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 08

A Home Away from Home You can apply to live in any of the University of Hong Kong’s residential halls or colleges. From the castle-like University Hall to the modern colleges in the Jockey Club Student Village IV, there is always a place to call home. These residences, suiting a variety of tastes and interests, offer you more than simply a place to rest, but also create a unique community that nurtures residents’ social development, fosters global citizenship and stimulates intellectual discussion. Among our residences, Madam S. H. Ho Residence for Medical Students and Patrick Manson Student Residence fall under the Faculty’s management. These two hall residences can accommodate a total of more than 280 places in single and shared rooms. Senior medical students undergoing clinical training are eligible to stay at these residences during specific specialty clerkships, as their proximity to the hospital allows more medical and nursing students to attend clinical training. Students residing there can also interact with and learn from HKUMed alumni through dedicated events. In response to a growing student population at HKUMed, these two residences will be under redevelopment for increased capacity and modelized facilities. 700 places will be available to benefit more students after two phases of construction to be completed in 2026 and 2028 respectively. 09 LKS Faculty of Medicine

As the President of AMSAHK, I have had the privilege to work with a group of brilliant medical students united by the same mission and fuelled by the same passion. Through managing health advocacy projects that span from human rights to gender issues, including research and exchange, I worked with professionals in the field, various NGOs, and changemakers in our local community. It has reinforced my firm belief that medical students have the capacity to bring about meaningful change and work towards the betterment of societies. Charlotte Ma MBBS Year 3 and President at the Asian Medical Students' Association Hong Kong Better Together Campus life at HKUMed is enriching, enjoyable and educational. You are free to engage with the HKUMed community in a wide range of activities, from social outings like hiking, to festive celebrations like Christmas parties or any seasonal events. You are welcome to take part in a supportive environment for holistic development during your time here. In addition, the vast variety of student-run organisations at HKUMed enable you to explore the medical field beyond the classroom. These societies are open to all students within the Medical Faculty to foster a spirit of comradeship and professional unity among future healthcare professionals. You can also join other interest groups and student societies to engage with your peers, volunteer in healthcare-related activities, or simply have fun! UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 10

Student Ambassador Programme As a member of the HKUMed family, you can join our Student Ambassador (SA) Programme to represent the Faculty and work alongside other highly motivated individuals. Additionally, the SA programme gives you a chance to improve your confidence through public speaking and develop your voice by creating social media content. Our students are equally active beyond HKUMed. By participating in joint-university societies, you can interact with medical students and professionals from other institutions in the region, allowing you to expand your knowledge and serve the community. Medical school life is rigorous and demanding, but it is always empowering to see many others with the same passion willing to rise to the challenge. As a Student Ambassador this year, I am glad to have organised many opportunities, from high table dinners to school visits, where I could connect with prospective students. It is an honor to be part of the journey of discovering their future potential as medical practitioners. Most importantly, they have also offered me fresh perspectives that have enriched my medical studies. Deciding whether to study medicine and applying to medical school take time and effort. As a Student Ambassador, I am able to share my personal experience with prospective students and give advice from a student’s perspective regarding their application to HKUMed, helping them through the application process. I can connect with these prospective students, which not only helps them better understand the MBBS programme and life as a medical student, but also allows me to better understand the views of different people. Paco Yu MBBS Year 2 and Student Ambassador Ronnie Jok MBBS Year 2 and Student Ambassador 11 LKS Faculty of Medicine

Financial Support for Higher Dreams Scholarships and prizes are awarded to students as a reward for their outstanding academic achievements. This kind of financial aid can mostly cover the tuition fee, accommodation expenses, enrichment activity and/or other expenses in university life. Students with financial difficulties are supported to pursue their studies and expand their ambitions. All of this is made possible with generous support from a large number of patrons and distinguished graduates. Entrance Scholarships Upon admission to HKUMed, a wide range of Entrance Scholarships is available to students with outstanding results in public examinations and to degree holders with excellent academic performance. To promote equal learning opportunities, support to underprivileged students is offered via Springboard Scholarships schemes. These schemes are often renewable annually within the normative study period, subject to satisfactory academic performance. Enrichment Scholarships Enrichment Scholarships aim to support students’ participation in service and humanitarian work, research attachments, exchange programmes or experiential learning activities. The value of this scholarship is based on a student’s academic merit and financial need. The learning value, duration, location of the activity and other relevant factors will also be taken into account. Prizes Every year, numerous prizes are offered to HKUMed students, in recognition of their academic excellence and community engagement. Prizes are often awarded based on students’ exceptional performance in course assignments, essay writing, assessments, competitions, etc. Financial Aid Students in need of financial assistance to help cover the costs of their university education will find many options available to them. The University offers loans and bursaries for needy students in addition to the Government Loans and Grants, while HKUMed provides emergency loans to students under special circumstances. For more information on scholarships in 2022/23 A total amount of HK$22,000,000+ awarded 1400+ Scholarships and prizes awarded 180+ Schemes designated for HKUMed students UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 12

The Scholarship alleviated my financial burden of paying the tuition fee for my medical studies. This allowed me to spend my time with quality and in a meaningful way, rather than doing part-time work to support my finances. It did help me turn my goals into realities. The award has tremendously reduced my financial burden and helped cover my living costs in Edinburgh. It has supported many of my senior medical fellows in pursuing their dreams in Enrichment Year and beyond. Thanks to the generous support of the scholarship, I had a great time gaining wider exposure to professional clinical skills and interdisciplinary collaboration. I was happy to see how each of us apply what we have learned and we always showed eagerness to discover the unknown. FUNG Rex Wai Yiu – MBBS Aspiration Foundation Second Chance Scholarship CHENG Chun Chit Eugene – MBBS (second from right) Bau Tsu Zung Bau Kwan Yeu Hing Scholarship TSANG Hoi Ching – BNurs (right) Ares Leung Clinical Skills Prize in Emergency Nursing MAK Ming Fong – BChinMed (left) Rusy and Purviz Shroff Medical Springboard Scholarship CHEN Wing Yee Karina – BBiomedSc (front row, second from left) Wong Ching Yee Medical Undergraduate Scholarship YUE Serena Ru Bing – MBBS (front row, left) W Hui and C Hui Student Support Grant The Scholarship was a great help to me in covering my educational and daily expenses. It allowed me to concentrate more on my studies and devote some spare time to participate in the voluntary work of Chinese medical services for low-income and disabled patients. Thanks for the support and all things that came along to help me become the best version of myself. Being awarded this scholarship certainly marked a milestone in my academic life. It will also support my overseas exchange programme at the University of Edinburgh next year. This invaluable opportunity will enable me to experience different modes of learning and gain exposure to a new culture. The scholarship has certainly brought me closer to my future aspirations. The grant has enabled me more time to pursue academic interests as well as volunteer work without worrying about my financial burden. This is particularly meaningful to me because as a postgraduate studying medicine, there are more life responsibilities than a carefree undergraduate. 13 LKS Faculty of Medicine

Building a Legacy Ever since our humble beginning over 135 years ago, successive generations of HKUMed graduates have stepped into top leadership roles in the healthcare sector across Hong Kong. They have shaped policies as health secretaries, or served as heads of Hong Kong’s top hospitals - both public and private, proudly building the city’s world-class medical landscape. All undergraduate students at HKUMed can benefit from the strength of our alumni network. Many alumni prioritise giving back to HKUMed - as teachers, as mentors, or as engaging guest lecturers. Assuredly, these interactions with leaders in interdisciplinary fields allow you to build the confidence and network needed to step into leadership roles both locally and globally. UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 14

Application for Admissions Local candidates applying on the basis of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) results Both local and non-local* candidates applying on the basis of international qualifications other than Mainland China’s National Joint College Entrance Examination (NJCEE) Mainland candidates applying on the basis of NJCEE Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) Non-JUPAS NJCEE Admissions Office MG14, Ground Floor, Main Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong + Combined quota for BNurs & BNurs-ALT * You are considered a non-local student if you hold • a student visa or entry permit to study in Hong Kong, or • a dependent visa or entry permit and were aged 18 years or above when the HKSAR Immigration Department first issued the document, or • a visa or entry permit under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG) issued by the Director of Immigration of the HKSAR Immigration Department. For enquiry, please contact the HKU Admissions Office using the “Contact Us” page on the website or by writing to: Programme Quota for 2024 Intake Programme Code Programme Intake Quota 6250 6418 6456 6482 6468 6470 6494 6949 BASc(GHD) BNurs-ALT MBBS BChinMed BNurs BSc(Bioinformatics) BPharm BBiomedSc 18 295 24 15 35 38 210+ 15 LKS Faculty of Medicine

JUPAS Admission (2024 Intake) Admission Requirements Selection for admissions is primarily based on academic performance in HKDSE (or equivalent), but other factors will also be considered, e.g. interview performance and student learning profile. In addition to satisfying the University entrance requirements, candidates for admissions shall satisfy the corresponding programmes' requirements: Minimum Programme Entrance Requirements * Category A subjects and Mathematics Extended Part (Module 1 (M1) / Module 2 (M2)) are considered. "Attained" in Citizenship and Social Development will not be included in the admissions score calculation. A new study track titled “MBBS (Distinguished MedScholar)” will be offered for students with outstanding academic achievements plus admission interview results. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (JS6456) Latest results in years 2022, 2023 and 2024 Penalty will be imposed on subjects which were retaken Consideration of HKDSE Combined Results Penalty for HKDSE Repeaters 4 English 3 Chinese 2 Mathematics Attained Citizenship and Social Development 3 Chemistry 3 Best of another elective* HKDSE Scoring Formula Best 6* Bachelor of Pharmacy (JS6494) Latest results in years 2022, 2023 and 2024 Penalty will be imposed on subjects which were retaken Consideration of HKDSE Combined Results Penalty for HKDSE Repeaters 4 English 3 Chinese 2 Mathematics Attained Citizenship and Social Development 3 Chemistry 3 Best of another elective* Best 6* HKDSE Scoring Formula 16

Best 6* Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics (JS6470) Best 6* Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (JS6949) Latest results in years 2022, 2023 and 2024 Penalty will be imposed on subjects which were retaken Consideration of HKDSE Combined Results Penalty for HKDSE Repeaters 4 English 3 Chinese 2 Mathematics Attained Citizenship and Social Development 3 3 Best of another elective* OR Biology Chemistry Latest results in years 2022, 2023 and 2024 Penalty will be imposed on subjects which were retaken Consideration of HKDSE Combined Results Penalty for HKDSE Repeaters 4 English 3 Chinese 4 Mathematics Attained Citizenship and Social Development 3 3 Best of another elective* OR Biology Chemistry HKDSE Scoring Formula HKDSE Scoring Formula 17 LKS Faculty of Medicine

JUPAS Admission (2024 Intake) Admission Requirements Minimum Programme Entrance Requirements Bachelor of Nursing (JS6468) Best results in years 2022, 2023 and 2024 N/A Consideration of HKDSE Combined Results Penalty for HKDSE Repeaters 3 English 3 Chinese 2 Mathematics Attained Citizenship and Social Development 3 3 Best elective# Best of another elective# Best 5# + 0.5 x 6th Best Subject# HKDSE Scoring Formula Best results in years 2022, 2023 and 2024 N/A Consideration of HKDSE Combined Results Penalty for HKDSE Repeaters 3 English 3 Chinese 2 Mathematics Attained Citizenship and Social Development 3 3 Best elective^# Best of another elective^# Bachelor of Nursing Advanced Leadership Track (JS6418) Best 5# + 0.5 x 6th Best Subject# HKDSE Scoring Formula Selection for admissions is primarily based on academic performance in HKDSE (or equivalent), but other factors will also be considered, e.g. interview performance and student learning profile. In addition to satisfying the University entrance requirements, candidates for admissions shall satisfy the corresponding programmes' requirements: # Category A , Category C subjects and Mathematics Extended Part (Module 1 (M1) / Module 2 (M2)) are considered. "Attained" in Citizenship and Social Development will not be included in the admissions score calculation. ^ Chemistry is required for the articulation pathway to MBBS. + Candidates with Level 4 in English Language, if admitted, will be required to take 6 additional credits in Core University English to complete their degree studies. 18

Best 5# Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development (JS6250) Best results in years 2022, 2023 and 2024 N/A Consideration of HKDSE Combined Results Penalty for HKDSE Repeaters 4 English + 3 Chinese 2 Mathematics Attained Citizenship and Social Development 3 Best elective# 3 Best of another elective# HKDSE Scoring Formula Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (JS6482) Best results in years 2022, 2023 and 2024 N/A Consideration of HKDSE Combined Results Penalty for HKDSE Repeaters 3 English 3 Chinese 2 Mathematics Attained Citizenship and Social Development 3 3 Best of another elective# OR Biology Chemistry Physics HKDSE Scoring Formula Best 5# + 0.5 x 6th Best Subject# 19 LKS Faculty of Medicine

Non-JUPAS Admission (2024 Intake) Eligibility If you are a local candidate who is applying for admissions on the strength of qualifications other than the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), you should apply through the Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme. For example, you may be studying: • overseas; • at an international school or at a local school in Hong Kong but you are taking a non-local (e.g. International Baccalaureate Diploma or GCE A-level) examination either through your school or as a private candidate. According to an agreement reached between ALL Hong Kong universities and the government, if you are a local school applicant, you must have completed at least six years of secondary education when you enter the University; • on a sub-degree (i.e. Associate Degree or Higher Diploma) programme at a community college of a UGC-funded institution or at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (HKIVE); • a full-time bachelor’s degree programme in a local tertiary institution funded by the UGC. Please note however that following UGC’s guidelines, inter-institutional transfer, irrespective of whether there is a change of programme or discipline, is generally discouraged, unless there are exceptional circumstances and the following conditions are met: - you have successfully completed one year of study on a bachelor’s degree programme with excellent academic results; and - your application for inter-institutional transfer has been specially approved by the University on the basis of over-enrolment. The Faculty accepts applications from eligible non-local students. Competition for places is keen among local students, so non-local candidates must be exceptionally well qualified to gain admission. Application Procedures All non-JUPAS applications should be submitted via the online application system. Candidates are strongly advised to upload the full set of supporting documents within one week after the submission of application to facilitate admission assessment. If documents are not available at the time of application submission, candidates are reminded to upload updated/obtained results or certificates as soon as the documents are available. For more details, please check the Application Guide. Language Requirement All applicants for the MBBS, BPharm, BNurs, BNurs-ALT and BChinMed programmes, both local and non-local, are required to have a good working knowledge of English and Cantonese. Interview Arrangement Non-JUPAS candidates may be shortlisted on the basis of individual merits as shown by their academic records and other non-academic achievements for interview. Interviews will usually be conducted during the Christmas and Easter holidays and/or in June/July/August. The interviews are designed to assess their suitability for the programmes, including their motivation, attitude, leadership and general social awareness. Offers of Admission After the interview, offers of admission will be made to candidates who have already satisfied the entrance requirements. Based on the interview performance and the academic results available, conditional offers may also be extended to some non-JUPAS candidates who have entered for an examination or examinations with a view to satisfying the entrance requirements by August. The offers are conditional upon their obtaining of the necessary examination results for submission to the University. 20

More details about admissions information of our programmes Information is accurate at the time of printing.

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Society needs doctors who are forward-thinking, wellinformed and above all, capable of delivering humane and ethical medical care with the dedication to serve the community. HKUMed nurtures these qualities in our future doctors, making sure they graduate as life-long learners well-prepared to excel in their future careers and in their journey of life. Many HKUMed graduates have become leaders in the fields of medicine and public health. Come join our MBBS programme if you aspire to be one of them. Professionals in the Making MBBS 01 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

The MBBS curriculum runs for six years, or 12 semesters. It consists of three core components: the Pre-clinical Curriculum, the Enrichment Year and the Clinical Curriculum. An Illuminating Six-Year Quest ∙ Introduction to the Art and Science of Medicine ∙ System-based Blocks ∙ Personalised learning tailored to individual interests Year 1 - 2 (MBBS I & II) (MBBS III) (MBBS IV-VI) Pre-clinical Curriculum Enrichment Year Year 3 ∙ Clinical Foundation Block ∙ Clinical Clerkships ∙ MBBS Elective Clinical Curriculum Year 4 - 6 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 02

The curriculum undergoes continuous review in light of emerging knowledge and societal needs to ensure your training is fit-for-purpose and forward looking. The newly-introduced MBBS 140 Curriculum is structured along the “140+ CORE” as the backbone. “CORE” stands for “Common situations pertaining to Ordinary clinical settings, in which students are expected to acquire the Relevant knowledge, skills and behaviour that are Essential for competent and ethical professional practices”, while the number “140+” nominally represents the number of clinical situations to be covered in the curriculum. All teaching, learning and assessment activities in the MBBS 140 Curriculum will be designed around the carefully selected clinical situations under the 140+ CORE. In MBBS I and II, emphasis is placed on integration of biomedical sciences in a patient-oriented approach aligned with the 140+ CORE. In MBBS IV to VI, the Clinical Clerkships focus on understanding the principles of medicine and healthcare and the acquisition of the key competencies in managing the 140+ CORE, with readiness for practice in authentic clinical settings as the ultimate curriculum goal. The focused, well-integrated and practical curriculum will provide you with a gratifying learning experience. 03 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

HKUMed nurtures competent medical professionals who are prepared to flourish in the fast-changing healthcare environment of the 21st century. Our programme provides you with ample opportunities for personal growth that will carry you well into your future, when you will serve and excel not only in the medical profession but also in the wider community, as conversant practitioners, responsible citizens, and reliable colleagues, teachers and friends. Active and Student-centred Learning Guided by our world-class teaching faculty, your learning will take place through a multi-pronged pedagogical approach of problem-based learning, self-initiated learning, and peer and collaborative learning, conducted in a multimodal learning environment via lectures, small-group tutorials and innovative multimedia platforms. You will develop effective skills for communication and teamwork in medical contexts, and the skills and mindset of a competent doctor with bold willingness to test theories. Comprehensive e-Learning Support Our excellent digital resources, supplemented with interactive online forums, will enable you to learn at your own pace and in your own style. We have a team of multimedia learning experts dedicated to the development of high-quality, interactive e-learning resources. Proctored written examinations are also gradually turning paperless, conducted on the e-Assessment platform specially developed for the purpose. Enabling Students to Flourish and Excel UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 04

Cutting-edge Technology in Teaching and Learning Our programme is a pioneer in the use of advanced technologies, such as augmented reality (AR)/ virtual reality (VR), gamification and simulation in teaching and learning to help students learn basic and advanced medical knowledge effectively. As an early adopter of VR technology, HKUMed is one of the world’s best equipped medical schools for learning of anatomy with the newly inaugurated Techmezz for VR at our Yu Chun Keung Medical Library. Tools such as Anatomage, a fully segmented real human 3D dissection platform, allow for exploration and learning of human anatomy in innovative ways. Technological Innovations in the Curriculum The MBBS curriculum embraces technological innovations in order to match the rapid developments in the field of medicine. During your MBBS training, you will have the opportunities to learn and apply the following latest technologies: • Precision Medicine, which covers literacy in big data science and its application in clinical medicine, practice and research; • Telehealth, which involves the use of telecommunications technologies in medical practices, such as tele-consultation for outpatients and tele-pharmacy; • Ultrasonography, which involves application of the point-ofcare ultrasound (POCUS) device, known to many as “tomorrow’s stethoscope”. 05 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Early Clinical Exposure and Structured Acquisition of Clinical Interpersonal Skills As early as the first semester of Year 1, you will start learning the interpersonal and clinical skills necessary for effective and compassionate care for patients. Much of the learning will take place in the purpose-built Clinical Skills Training Centre, assisted by a well-developed clinical skills e-platform. Enrichment Opportunities Our programme goes well beyond vocational training. Your third year of study, which we call the Enrichment Year, offers a golden opportunity to explore areas of interest in either medical or nonmedical fields and design your own learning programme in Hong Kong or abroad. Similarly, after the Fourth Summative Assessment, the 4-week MBBS Elective lets you explore a medical area of your choice. Comprehensive Hospital-based, Communitybased and Primary Care Experience Alongside learning that takes place within hospitals, you will gain first-hand experience in a wide variety of community-based settings involving family physicians, maternal and child health services, hospices and patient support groups. This exposure to different arenas of the public health system enables development of a holistic perspective on patient management and a richer understanding of the integration between primary and secondary care. Focus on Medical Ethics and Humanities Ethical principles and humanitarian values are absolutely essential for doctors to meet the needs and demands of 21st century healthcare. You will learn how these principles and values underpin healthcare practice, as well as your professional and legal obligations, through the medical ethics and medical humanities programmes. They are developed and coordinated by our Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit (MEHU) with the aim of cultivating professional doctors capable of engaging with their patients from a position of awareness of their own humanity. 06 MBBS students in meeting with teachers to plan for curriculum modernisation in 2019 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023

Practising Scientific Research HKUMed is at the frontier of global medical research, driven by a strong commitment to improving human health through scientific discovery and advancement in medicine. Research requires and enables you to develop intellectual and analytical skills for a vast array of situations. As a medical student, you will have opportunities to participate in research training that leads to output in scientific journals and significant societal impact. Your research can be clinic-based or laboratorybased, and it can be either part of a project with Faculty staff members or self-initiated under the supervision of a teacher during the Enrichment Year/MBBS Elective. Inter-professional Learning It is critical for students to learn how to work effectively in an inter-professional team for the delivery of modern healthcare. HKUMed has taken the lead in delivering interprofessional educational experiences where medical, nursing and pharmacy students learn how to communicate, interact and work with one another. For students with demonstrated academic potential and interest in developing inter-professional competence, we offer the opportunity to enrol in intercalated programmes such as the Master of Public Health programme, with scholarships and other forms of financial support. Student in Medical Education Teaching is an important role expected from all MBBS graduates in the healthcare profession. As such, the MBBS 140 Curriculum also features the Student in Medical Education (SIME) initiative, fostering a culture where teaching is an important and integral component of professional responsibility and competence. Peer tutoring activities can help cultivate medical students’ basic teaching skills to prepare them for their future roles as trainers, supervisors, or educators. Near-Peer Tutor in e-Triggered PBL Student teacher holding a bedside session 07 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Year 1 and 2 Pre-clinical Curriculum: Building the Foundation You will acquire health sciences knowledge and basic skills in self-directed learning by studying actual patient cases. You will also have your first exposure to patients through community visits, where you will learn about their care in their social and economic contexts. The Pre-clinical Curriculum covers the following themes: Introduction to Health Sciences To strengthen your foundation in basic and health sciences. Professionalism and Clinical Skills To gain an overview of the processes of diseases and an introduction to the therapeutic strategies for modulating disease processes. Precision Medicine To explore the exciting innovations in treating disease at the frontiers of genetics and genomics, artificial intelligence and robotics. Medical Humanities, Ethics and Law To learn about the ethical and legal implications of modern medical care, medical humanities and professionalism. Medicine and Society To learn about caring for the patient as an individual, and as a member of a family and a community. Students are at the centre of all we do as teachers. Active learning is a top priority – having students engaged in innovative ways during lectures and practicals, collaborating during problem-based learning, and actively responding to probing questions with immediate feedback through our e-learning platforms. Professor Julian Tanner MBBS Programme Director (Pre-clinical) UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 08

Introduction to the Art and Science of Medicine (14 weeks) The IASM module under the Pre-clinical Curriculum provides a comprehensive foundation of the biomedical sciences that are critical to the art of medical practice. The IASM module makes up most of your learning during the first semester at HKUMed and is organised under the following modules: System-based Blocks (48 weeks) The complexity of human health is reflected in our system-based blocks, where you will acquire an understanding about the workings of the human body during the second semester of Year 1 and the entire Year 2. The six systembased blocks cover: Molecules of Medicine Cells, Tissues & Systems Infections and Host Defence Drugs in Action Cardiopulmonary and Renal Systems Head, Neck and Nervous System Gastrointestinal System Haematology and Immunology System Musculoskeletal System Endocrine and Reproductive Systems Ryan Keung MBBS II Student I would describe my first year at HKUMed as both fruitful and rewarding. Apart from studying, I’ve got many more to experience here at HKUMed - being a Student Ambassador, Class rep, taking up society posts - which have all made me grow as a person. Studying medicine is never smooth sailing, but with friends and the whole community here, I am certain that we will all get through the obstacles. I am very proud to be part of HKUMed and I anticipate more to come in my medical journey! 09 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Year 3 Enrichment Year: Broadening Your Horizons Professor Gilberto Leung Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) The Enrichment Year programme is the first of its kind in the world. One of the main purposes is to allow our students to gain a broader experience about the human condition. We would like them to see something outside the hospitals, about how people actually live, and how they struggle with life's problems. UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 10

The Enrichment Year (EY) is a credit-bearing component giving each MBBS III student the means to take charge of your learning and tailor activities to your interests and desires. EY is specially designed to facilitate the enhancement of your total learning experience. You will be able to formulate your EY through three different categories: Service/Humanitarian Work, Research Attachment and Intercalation. You may take part in a humanitarian relief mission at remote locations, experience medical camps in underdeveloped countries, or work locally with NGOs via Service/Humanitarian Work. For those with investigative minds, research internship locally at HKU or internationally at world-class laboratories fit perfectly with Research Attachment. Through Intercalation, you are able to take minor or elective courses at HKU, or engage in full-year articulation studies at renowned universities overseas. Overall, our EY is aligned with HKU's six undergraduate educational aims to enable you to develop capabilities in pursuit of academic/professional excellence, critical intellectual inquiry, tackling novel situations, critical self-reflection, communication and collaboration, and leadership. 11 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery