HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

The 5-year BNurs curriculum requires students to undertake various courses per year so that they can gradually develop their nursing capabilities in different settings. Key areas of the study include Nursing Core Courses, Nursing of Specialised Populations, Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Practice, Foundations in Nursing Research, Nursing Electives, Nursing Practica, Life Sciences, Clinical Pharmacology and Behavioural Sciences. This curriculum is carefully structured to allow maximum longitudinal and lateral correlations between courses. There are a total of 44 courses running throughout five years. Among these courses, 26 of them are Core Courses while 7 are Practicum Courses. The combination of these courses will empower students to become competent practitioners. This programme also includes 1 Life Enrichment Learning Course, 1 Nursing Elective Course, 3 Language Courses and 6 Common Core Courses. Altogether they constitute 303 credits in the entire curriculum. Programme Structure Mr Benney Wong Lecturer, School of Nursing As a competent nurse, to heal up a patient’s wound is not only done by your skillful hands but also by your empathetic heart. 03 Bachelor of Nursing