HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

A Home Away from Home You can apply to live in any of the University of Hong Kong’s residential halls or colleges. From the castle-like University Hall to the modern colleges in the Jockey Club Student Village IV, there is always a place to call home. These residences, suiting a variety of tastes and interests, offer you more than simply a place to rest, but also create a unique community that nurtures residents’ social development, fosters global citizenship and stimulates intellectual discussion. Among our residences, Madam S. H. Ho Residence for Medical Students and Patrick Manson Student Residence fall under the Faculty’s management. These two hall residences can accommodate a total of more than 280 places in single and shared rooms. Senior medical students undergoing clinical training are eligible to stay at these residences during specific specialty clerkships, as their proximity to the hospital allows more medical and nursing students to attend clinical training. Students residing there can also interact with and learn from HKUMed alumni through dedicated events. In response to a growing student population at HKUMed, these two residences will be under redevelopment for increased capacity and modelized facilities. 700 places will be available to benefit more students after two phases of construction to be completed in 2026 and 2028 respectively. 09 LKS Faculty of Medicine