HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Introduction to the Art and Science of Medicine (14 weeks) The IASM module under the Pre-clinical Curriculum provides a comprehensive foundation of the biomedical sciences that are critical to the art of medical practice. The IASM module makes up most of your learning during the first semester at HKUMed and is organised under the following modules: System-based Blocks (48 weeks) The complexity of human health is reflected in our system-based blocks, where you will acquire an understanding about the workings of the human body during the second semester of Year 1 and the entire Year 2. The six systembased blocks cover: Molecules of Medicine Cells, Tissues & Systems Infections and Host Defence Drugs in Action Cardiopulmonary and Renal Systems Head, Neck and Nervous System Gastrointestinal System Haematology and Immunology System Musculoskeletal System Endocrine and Reproductive Systems Ryan Keung MBBS II Student I would describe my first year at HKUMed as both fruitful and rewarding. Apart from studying, I’ve got many more to experience here at HKUMed - being a Student Ambassador, Class rep, taking up society posts - which have all made me grow as a person. Studying medicine is never smooth sailing, but with friends and the whole community here, I am certain that we will all get through the obstacles. I am very proud to be part of HKUMed and I anticipate more to come in my medical journey! 09 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery