HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Student Ambassador Programme As a member of the HKUMed family, you can join our Student Ambassador (SA) Programme to represent the Faculty and work alongside other highly motivated individuals. Additionally, the SA programme gives you a chance to improve your confidence through public speaking and develop your voice by creating social media content. Our students are equally active beyond HKUMed. By participating in joint-university societies, you can interact with medical students and professionals from other institutions in the region, allowing you to expand your knowledge and serve the community. Medical school life is rigorous and demanding, but it is always empowering to see many others with the same passion willing to rise to the challenge. As a Student Ambassador this year, I am glad to have organised many opportunities, from high table dinners to school visits, where I could connect with prospective students. It is an honor to be part of the journey of discovering their future potential as medical practitioners. Most importantly, they have also offered me fresh perspectives that have enriched my medical studies. Deciding whether to study medicine and applying to medical school take time and effort. As a Student Ambassador, I am able to share my personal experience with prospective students and give advice from a student’s perspective regarding their application to HKUMed, helping them through the application process. I can connect with these prospective students, which not only helps them better understand the MBBS programme and life as a medical student, but also allows me to better understand the views of different people. Paco Yu MBBS Year 2 and Student Ambassador Ronnie Jok MBBS Year 2 and Student Ambassador 11 LKS Faculty of Medicine