HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

The articulation pathways provided under the BNurs-ALT are subject to one’s interest, career aspiration and academic performance, etc. Scholarships covering the full composition fee of MNurs will be provided to students with exemplary academic performance. Structure of BNurs-ALT at a Glance Diversified Roadmaps Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4-5 Year 6 Nursing philosophy Basic medical and surgical nursing skills Health assessment and health promotion and education Foundation of life sciences Behavioural sciences Clinical practicum in community settings including community centres, outpatient clinics, old-aged homes and subacute hospital settings Interdisciplinary collaboration in a patient care project Specialised clinical nursing Community and global health nursing Chinese medicine Interprofessional experience and research scholarship Clinical practicum in hospital settings (from basic to advanced complex care) Year 7-9 For Articulation to MNurs BNFT For Articulation to MBBS Bachelor of Nursing degree completed Take life sciences courses Take an MBBS system block Take MNurs courses Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree completed Four-Year full-time study Master of Nursing degree completed One-Year part-time study Articulation pathways to MNurs or MBBS Clinical pharmacology Professional issues, law and ethics Life enrichment programme Clinical practicum in hospital settings (from basic to advanced complex care) 11 Bachelor of Nursing