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Under the University-wide Academic Advising system, every incoming HKUMed undergraduate student is paired with a teacher as their Academic Adviser. The assigned teacher will change over the course of a student's undergraduate studies, according to the specific needs of our students at each stage of their professional or academic development. Additionally, HKUMed engages senior students to serve as peer mentors and supporters for our students. Trained in mental health first aid, they actively engage their younger peers and work together with our Academic Advisers in providing pastoral care. Our senior students further provide academic support through near-peer teaching initiatives and learning support sessions. Together, through our teachers and students, HKUMed aims to foster a community that supports active learning and whole-person development. Teaching and Learning Charter A positive and harmonious culture and environment is fundamental to the wellbeing of every member and is cocreated by all members in the community. To cultivate such an environment, HKUMed has established the Teaching and Learning Charter, which articulates the essential values and responsibilities that members of HKUMed are expected to honour. By this Charter, teachers and students commit to an agreed list of values, attitudes and behaviours. Students of HKUMed affirm that they will take good care of themselves and the others, being kind, supportive, diligent and responsible; likewise, teachers of HKUMed affirm that they will be professional, respectful and supportive to the others, serving as good role models for students. A Nurturing Community Dr Kendrick Shih Director of Student Affairs Academic advising is a crucial part of a studentcentred approach in medical education. At HKUMed, we firmly believe that our medical students learn best in a productive environment, surrounded by supportive teachers as role models. We are very proud that every one of our academic advisers are teachers who have actively volunteered their time and efforts towards guiding our students' academic and professional development. In addition to mentorship, our advisers serve as the important link between the students and our faculty wellness and academic resources. During the first two years we pair our students with dedicated teachers to help our students adjust to the challenges of medical school life. During the clinical years, our students begin to develop specialty interests. At this stage, we allow our students to choose their own academic advisers from among our clinical teaching staff for a more personalised career development. At every step there is something our advisers can offer our students. UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 18