HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Interdisciplinary Major This 96-credit interdisciplinary major is hosted by the LKS Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with Faculties of Architecture; Business and Economics; Law; Science; and Social Sciences. Four anchoring courses, one in each year of study, adopt a case-based problem-solving approach to assist students to navigate the interconnection and interplay among various academic disciplines. These courses include: Three BASc Core Courses will be offered in Year 1 and Year 2 to cultivate an interdisciplinary mindset in students, nurture their leadership and advocacy talents, and hone their skills in cutting-edge big data sciences. These courses include: • Foundations in Global Health and Development • Globalisation and Health • Leadership and Advocacy in Global Health and Development • Global Health Policy • Sustainable Leadership • Approaching Interdisciplinarity: Knowledge Beyond Disciplines • Data Science 101 Anchoring Courses BASc Core Courses UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 08