HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Modes of Learning Research and Summer Internship Opportunities Students will be exposed to a wide range of learning experiences, varying according to the courses they are enrolled in. These experiences include traditional lectures, laboratory practicals, problem-based learning tutorials, web-based learning as well as research projects. BBiomedSc students are provided with ample opportunities to engage in laboratory-based research, which trains them for a career in research and development. Under the Summer Internship Programme, they can join the research teams led by professoriate members of the Faculty, attach to the research laboratories of top-class universities abroad, or work in an external agency related to the field of Biomedical Sciences or in other industries in the summer of Year 1, 2 and 3. The University's Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme (URFP) supports students in their pursuit of research and development with the provision of scholarships. UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 06