HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Practising Scientific Research HKUMed is at the frontier of global medical research, driven by a strong commitment to improving human health through scientific discovery and advancement in medicine. Research requires and enables you to develop intellectual and analytical skills for a vast array of situations. As a medical student, you will have opportunities to participate in research training that leads to output in scientific journals and significant societal impact. Your research can be clinic-based or laboratorybased, and it can be either part of a project with Faculty staff members or self-initiated under the supervision of a teacher during the Enrichment Year/MBBS Elective. Inter-professional Learning It is critical for students to learn how to work effectively in an inter-professional team for the delivery of modern healthcare. HKUMed has taken the lead in delivering interprofessional educational experiences where medical, nursing and pharmacy students learn how to communicate, interact and work with one another. For students with demonstrated academic potential and interest in developing inter-professional competence, we offer the opportunity to enrol in intercalated programmes such as the Master of Public Health programme, with scholarships and other forms of financial support. Student in Medical Education Teaching is an important role expected from all MBBS graduates in the healthcare profession. As such, the MBBS 140 Curriculum also features the Student in Medical Education (SIME) initiative, fostering a culture where teaching is an important and integral component of professional responsibility and competence. Peer tutoring activities can help cultivate medical students’ basic teaching skills to prepare them for their future roles as trainers, supervisors, or educators. Near-Peer Tutor in e-Triggered PBL Student teacher holding a bedside session 07 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery