HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

The curriculum undergoes continuous review in light of emerging knowledge and societal needs to ensure your training is fit-for-purpose and forward looking. The newly-introduced MBBS 140 Curriculum is structured along the “140+ CORE” as the backbone. “CORE” stands for “Common situations pertaining to Ordinary clinical settings, in which students are expected to acquire the Relevant knowledge, skills and behaviour that are Essential for competent and ethical professional practices”, while the number “140+” nominally represents the number of clinical situations to be covered in the curriculum. All teaching, learning and assessment activities in the MBBS 140 Curriculum will be designed around the carefully selected clinical situations under the 140+ CORE. In MBBS I and II, emphasis is placed on integration of biomedical sciences in a patient-oriented approach aligned with the 140+ CORE. In MBBS IV to VI, the Clinical Clerkships focus on understanding the principles of medicine and healthcare and the acquisition of the key competencies in managing the 140+ CORE, with readiness for practice in authentic clinical settings as the ultimate curriculum goal. The focused, well-integrated and practical curriculum will provide you with a gratifying learning experience. 03 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery