HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Challenges from combating chronic and infectious diseases; the development of better and more accessible health systems; the reduction of poverty and inequities; the consequences of societal and conflict-related displacement; to the existential planetary threats of climate change are on the agenda of modern health and development. To tackle such complexities in a rapidly evolving landscape, not only will they require approaches taking the human health development of communities and countries as a whole into consideration, but also a combination of cross-disciplinary ideas. The BASc(GHD) was then created to better prepare the next generation of leaders to work on (and solve) such incredibly important challenges. Why was the BASc(GHD) created Dr Pui Hong Chung Clinical Associate Professor of Practice and BASc(GHD) Programme Director We are right here to help you discover the ambition of this programme and stand by you in preparing your lifelong career. Welcome to the journey from Pokfulam to the world! Travis Yip BASc(GHD) Graduate, Class of 2023 Field Placement at United Nations Headquarters (New York) It was amazing to be part of the production team for the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022. Near the end of my internship, I had the opportunity to attend a planning meeting with the custodian agency. Together, we brainstormed new ideas for the upcoming report in 2023. It felt like my experience has come full circle. 06 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023