HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Early Clinical Exposure and Structured Acquisition of Clinical Interpersonal Skills As early as the first semester of Year 1, you will start learning the interpersonal and clinical skills necessary for effective and compassionate care for patients. Much of the learning will take place in the purpose-built Clinical Skills Training Centre, assisted by a well-developed clinical skills e-platform. Enrichment Opportunities Our programme goes well beyond vocational training. Your third year of study, which we call the Enrichment Year, offers a golden opportunity to explore areas of interest in either medical or nonmedical fields and design your own learning programme in Hong Kong or abroad. Similarly, after the Fourth Summative Assessment, the 4-week MBBS Elective lets you explore a medical area of your choice. Comprehensive Hospital-based, Communitybased and Primary Care Experience Alongside learning that takes place within hospitals, you will gain first-hand experience in a wide variety of community-based settings involving family physicians, maternal and child health services, hospices and patient support groups. This exposure to different arenas of the public health system enables development of a holistic perspective on patient management and a richer understanding of the integration between primary and secondary care. Focus on Medical Ethics and Humanities Ethical principles and humanitarian values are absolutely essential for doctors to meet the needs and demands of 21st century healthcare. You will learn how these principles and values underpin healthcare practice, as well as your professional and legal obligations, through the medical ethics and medical humanities programmes. They are developed and coordinated by our Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit (MEHU) with the aim of cultivating professional doctors capable of engaging with their patients from a position of awareness of their own humanity. 06 MBBS students in meeting with teachers to plan for curriculum modernisation in 2019 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023