HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Professor Esther Chan Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy Pharmacists can contribute to the safe and effective use of medications through clinical practice, research and teaching. We continue to learn and share what we know with students, colleagues and the community, at every step along the way. Placement, Clerkship and Research Project Opportunities for Interprofessional Learning The programme ensures that students are adequately prepared to provide expert service at the community level through placement openings provided by several largest community pharmacy chain stores in Hong Kong. As part of the curriculum, each pharmacy student will have the chance to gain work experience in various pharmacy settings during the term time. Students will rotate among different roles, from the hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy to any term position within the pharmaceutical industry for at least one week in each setting during their final year of study. In addition, students will have the opportunity to carry out a research project in a specialised area of their choice, ranging from pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacy practice to clinical pharmacy, under the supervision of our academic staff. This research experience will be critical for the future career of pharmacy students in both the academic and pharmacy workplace. The programme offers students invaluable opportunities for interprofessional learning throughout the four-year curriculum, including a patient care project (PCP) and interprofessional education as well as a collaborative practice (IPECP) with students from the Medicine, Nursing and Chinese Medicine programmes. These interprofessional learning activities will utilise the expertise of students from diverse backgrounds and foster teamwork, cooperation, and communication between different healthcare professionals in the future. 05 Bachelor of Pharmacy