HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Pharmacy Enrichment Experiences in Hong Kong and beyond via International Exchange Programme The Enrichment Modules will encourage pharmacy students to seek tailored placement at either academic institutions or non-profit community service organisations. The programme aims to encourage social-minded students to translate knowledge into practice, contribute to society, and broaden their horizons beyond pharmacy while establishing their interpersonal networks across different sectors and professions. This enrichment experience can enhance students’ understanding towards the local community and raise their awareness of social issues, inspiring them to proactively contribute to society in their future careers. It also allows students to build cross-sectorial networks to promote social innovations and build positive social capital in Hong Kong. The students’ enrichment experience reflects the culmination of their personal and professional development throughout the BPharm study and its fruits. Our BPharm students also have the opportunity to participate in an international exchange programme. Our department has established strong links with the pharmacy departments of University of Rouen (France), Sojo University (Japan), King’s College London (UK), University College London (UK), and University of Illinois Chicago (USA). Pharmacy Experiential Education Programme (PEEP) The Pharmacy Experiential Education Programme (PEEP) under the Bachelor of Pharmacy curriculum is wellstructured with experiential learning experience. Students in their second and third years of study shall complete onsite placements in different pharmacy practice settings outside the classrooms under the supervision of pharmacist preceptors throughout regular semesters and in the summer. Building on the knowledge taught in the introductory pharmacy courses in Year 1, our experiential education enriches the pharmacy curriculum with perspectives of contemporary pharmacy practice in the local setting and enables students to apply and expand upon the knowledge and skills acquired from the didactic coursework in the pharmacy curriculum. Our experiential education represents a cumulative learning experience that prepares students for more advanced practice experience in the clerkship and Enrichment Modules during their final year of study. In addition to competencies as pharmacists, PEEP is also intended to offer students longitudinal exposure to the practice settings where they can develop personal and professional attributes such as professionalism, ethics, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and commitment to lifelong learning. UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 04