HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

The Enrichment Year (EY) is a credit-bearing component giving each MBBS III student the means to take charge of your learning and tailor activities to your interests and desires. EY is specially designed to facilitate the enhancement of your total learning experience. You will be able to formulate your EY through three different categories: Service/Humanitarian Work, Research Attachment and Intercalation. You may take part in a humanitarian relief mission at remote locations, experience medical camps in underdeveloped countries, or work locally with NGOs via Service/Humanitarian Work. For those with investigative minds, research internship locally at HKU or internationally at world-class laboratories fit perfectly with Research Attachment. Through Intercalation, you are able to take minor or elective courses at HKU, or engage in full-year articulation studies at renowned universities overseas. Overall, our EY is aligned with HKU's six undergraduate educational aims to enable you to develop capabilities in pursuit of academic/professional excellence, critical intellectual inquiry, tackling novel situations, critical self-reflection, communication and collaboration, and leadership. 11 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery