HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

A Home to Learn, Grow and Connect The Medical Campus in Sassoon Road is home to our teaching schools and departments, research laboratories and various state-of-the-art facilities, creating a conducive learning environment to facilitate our goals. Currently, we are expanding to provide the finest training facilities for the next generation of healthcare professionals. The latest addition – 3 Sassoon Road – welcomes you to the Medical Campus with sleek communal spaces and spacious clinical skills laboratories equipped with highfidelity simulators. The nine-storey building serves as the home of the School of Chinese Medicine and School of Nursing with facilities tailored to the needs of each School’s students. Our core mission is to enrich the total learning experience for students by creating spaces, where they can socialise and connect outside the classroom. This is exemplified by the Cheung Chin Lan Hong Atrium that invites you into the William M.W. Mong Block. A few floors above this airy space is the Faculty Learning Commons where you can study independently or work collaboratively with peers. This Medical Campus landmark serves as the venue for many events, making it a popular spot for socialising. For those looking for a quiet place to learn, the Yu Chun Keung Medical Library suits your need. As a centre of excellence in knowledge management, the Medical Library houses significant digital resources and print collections, covering biomedical and health sciences, while new alternate reality and virtual reality tools on the mezzanine level allow you to delve deeper. Our ambitious development plans revolve around our students’ whole-person development, which means we care about not only your academic studies but also your well-being. The addition of the new outdoor garden on 1/F of the William M.W. Mong Block exactly embodies this goal. It is a peaceful escape surrounded by nature where you can enjoy panoramic sea views and take a breath of fresh air between classes, attesting to our dual emphasis. The Faculty Boardroom located in the Daniel and Mayce Yu Administration Wing, another recent addition, brings us yet closer to this objective by providing ample space for academic conferences and professional seminars. To foster a culture of inclusiveness, we are proud to support our diverse student body with the addition of gender-neutral facilities and a new prayer room which gives members of our community a dedicated location to pursue their spiritual lives. In the years to come, the Sassoon Road Campus will be transformed into a state-of-the-science campus stretching from Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) on Pokfulam Road at the top, to the Victoria Road roundabout at the bottom. This reinvigorated education complex will provide even greater opportunities for our students. Discover our campus 07 LKS Faculty of Medicine