HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

Modes of Learning An outcome-based approach to students’ learning and several multidisciplinary teaching approaches, such as problem-based learning and clinical case discussion, are adopted. The programme emphasises the integration of theories and practical skills. Experiential learning is encouraged through participation in clinical attachment, junior clerkship and clinical clerkship, through which students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired from classrooms in practical settings. Through the Chinese Medicine Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme, students can widen their horizon and enrich their learning experience. Successful applicants may have the opportunity to travel to mainland China or other countr(ies) in summer for studies and engage in cultural exchange with other students. Students will also participate in a field trip in Yunnan, Mainland China for a deeper dive into the indigenous traditional Chinese medicine herbs growing in the natural environment in Mainland China. The Chinese Medicine dispensary practicum will, on the other hand, allow them to obtain practical experience at the Chinese Medicine dispensary. Professor Yibin Feng Director and Professor, School of Chinese Medicine By studying this professional programme, you will find it fascinating when the mystical healing power in Chinese Medicine evokes your curiosity and challenges your comprehension abilities. I believe you will enjoy this ancient wisdom integrating with the modern knowledge system. What you learn from Chinese Medicine will inspire your life and lead you to a bright future. UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2023 06