HKUMedUG2023-Full ebook

EY was a great opportunity for me to learn about public health nutrition which was an area I have been interested in for a long time. This year, I was able to meet new friends and go explore Italy, Spain and Morocco during the holidays. I definitely learnt so much about myself this year and I am looking forward to what clinical years have to offer! Chiu Yeung Summer Intercalation - Master of Science at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK Chan Wai Yin Intercalation - Studying abroad at University of Bristol, UK EY has been a special year filled with surprises and unforgettable memories, where I experienced many first times, met friends from around the world, and made a lot of personal growth in many aspects. I‘ll always be grateful for all the opportunities I had and never forget the bonds I’ve built with each and every person. Wong Pui Kwan Service/Humanitarian Work - Internship at Operation Mobilisation, different cities I was privileged to be sailing with the Logos Hope for 4 months, experiencing a wide range of Arab cultures along the Eastern Africa and the Middle-Eastern region. I also felt honoured to be surrounded by people from 65 different nationalities, all here to celebrate our cultural diversity in harmony and love on board. It was a very humbling experience witnessing how everybody from all walks of life works very hard around the clock as we are united together for the sole purpose of serving God. Partaking in the Cataract Blindness Elimination Project in Laos has been an invaluable experience in my medical journey. Not only did it provide me with highly rewarding patient contact, it reminded me of why I went into Medicine in the first place - to care and provide relief for those in need. Hui Zoe Service/Humanitarian Work - Internship at GX Foundation, Hong Kong, Lao, Cambodia, Djibouti It has been a fruitful year at Stanford working with Cheng Lab at Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Department with the support of Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (Stanford CARE) and the Chi-Li Pao Foundation. I learnt to do microdissections of the cochlea, conduct ABRs, how to handle mice and had the chance to attend courses about biostatistics, coding and the problems Asian Americans face in the healthcare setting. The precious opportunity to conduct research at a world-renowned institute and work with brilliant minds allowed me to broaden my horizons, gain valuable experience and motivate me to pursue a research career. Ching Wai Ching Audrey Research Attachment - Macrophages in Cochlear Synaptopathy, Chi-Li Pao Foundation HKU-Stanford CARE EY, Cheng Lab at The Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE), Stanford University School of Medicine, US Saw Zhi Wen Sheryl Research Attachment - A retrospective investigation on the correlation between the lengthening interval of MCGR and patient perceived outcomes (HrQOL, Family burden, Satisfaction) at Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, HKU, Hong Kong During my EY, I had the wonderful opportunity to delve into the field of scoliosis research under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Cheung. Throughout the semester, not only was I taught how to start a research project from scratch, simultaneously, I also had the chance to work with other researchers and assist them in their projects, expanding my field of exposure significantly. From gaining clinical experience in different hospitals (HKUSZH, QMH, DKCH), to learning about the life of orthopaedic doctors who all continued to pursue research while juggling their busy schedules, my EY definitely enhanced my critical thinking and outlook on research. 13 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery