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We recognise that academic studies, transitions to new experiences, living in Hong Kong, and just living life can be joyful, stimulating, difficult and challenging – all at the same time!

When life becomes overwhelming, we could all use a friendly, expert ear who is willing and able to help.  We are very lucky to have our own team of dedicated professional counsellors on the Sassoon Road medical campus to provide confidential, individualized psychological care and who offer a diverse range of activities to promote wellbeing. Our team understands the particular needs of students in the medical and health sciences programmes of the Faculty and has the expertise, imagination and dedication to help. 

Look for us around the medical campus in our ‘Let’s Talk’ booth, supporting various student events, running workshops or informative talks, or in our home base in the Madam S H Ho Residence for Medical Students.

We welcome you to stop by, if only for a chat - our door is always open. Let’s talk! 

Student Wellness Team

Assistant Dean (Learner Wellbeing)

  • Dr Julie Chen


  • Dr Joseph Cheng
  • Miss Vincci Lau
  • Miss Jo Wu
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Referral Service

From time to time, there are situations where we may need more than counselling and/or psychotherapy services. Student Wellness Team recognises the benefits of a multidisciplinary team approach in assisting students at times of distress.

At HKUMed, we are supported by renowned and dedicated doctors and professors who are experts and leaders in the field of Psychiatry. They offer psychiatric consultation services to our students. We are also supported by psychiatrists in the private sector who can provide our undergraduate students with affordable psychiatric services.

We will also recommend students to reach out to the University Health Service for any medical help.

The Student Wellness Service Team will assist in arranging these services to students when appropriate