Student Wellness
Wellness Events and Workshops

The team is passionate about promoting mental and emotional wellbeing through a range of engaging programs and events. We want to make sure that every student has a higher level of awareness when it comes to their psychological needs. By organizing campus-wide initiatives, we aim to motivate students to prioritize their wellbeing alongside their academic demands. We firmly believe that self-care is crucial for long term success for the journey at HKUMed.

Get ready to explore a variety of activities and events that will nourish your mind and body!

If you would like to collaborate with the Student Wellness Team for any outreaching opportunities, or to invite the team to deliver a tailor-made workshop for you, please feel free to indicate your interest using our Outreach Request Form 

Examples of previous collaborations:

  • Introduction of services in freshmen orientation
  • Outreaching/psychoeducation booths collaborating with student bodies/unions
  • Training workshops for peer mentorship programs
  • Staff training on crisis management and handling

Common workshop topics to be offered:

  • Introduction to Student Wellness Team
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Time management and study strategies
  • Crisis management or debriefing
  • Early detection of mental health and psychological issues
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Mental health stigma, inclusivity and diversity matters