About HKUMed
Giving to HKUMed

Like its predecessor, the HKU Medical Faculty plays a pioneering role in medical education, training and research and we are able to build on this legacy thanks to philanthropic support.

Serving Hong Kong for over 135 years and counting, the Faculty is not only an institution of learning, innovation, and enterprise; but also a school of morals, vision and care.

With shared wisdom, compassion and commitment, the Faculty can continue to turn its foresight into action thanks to sustainable resources that support our ever growing portfolio of activities. As well as this, philanthropic contributions to medical and healthcare students prepare them to rise to the demands of their professions with compassion and commitment.

To learn more about how you may support the Faculty and its many endeavours, please contact Ms Dora Ng at 3917 9474 / doran@hku.hk.