Strategic Directions

Our Faculty’s strategic areas place heavy emphasis on collaborative research efforts; faculties and departments are not silos, they are an inextricable part of the University community, just as universities are a part of the wider community and international fields of knowledge.

Regionally and internationally we take pride in our world-class researchers who continue to engage in a plethora of collaborative research initiatives, public-private partnerships, world-class seminars and symposia, community workshops, and public outreach, with the goal to improve global human health. 

HKUMed Innovation Hubs

Outstanding scholars are also sought to support the HKUMed Innovation Hubs, in which we are working with leading partner institutions from around the world to apply genomics, big data and advanced technologies to deepen our understanding of viruses and cancers and develop cutting-edge treatments.

HKUMed is the hub for five transdisciplinary R&D clusters and seeks expertise to support and drive our goals forward. The clusters include:

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Areas of Excellence
Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS)








WHO H5 Reference Laboratory

The Centre of Influenza Research at HKU is one of 12 laboratories worldwide designated as a WHO H5 reference laboratory. Its mandate is to provide international reference laboratory services and training onH5 and other animal influenza viruses with zoonotic potential, to provide WHO with data and risk assessment relevant to such zoonotic threats and advice on selection of relevant viruses for pre-pandemic vaccine development. As part of these responsibilities the HKU laboratory takes part in the twice-yearly WHO influenza vaccine strain selection meetings. Over the years the HKU laboratory was involved in aiding and training to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia.

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HKU Strategically Oriented Research Themes (SORTs)

Research and innovation form a core pillar of HKU's academic endeavours and the University is committed to sustaining areas of excellence, cultivating areas of growth and encouraging cross-institutional collaborations. The University's Strategically Oriented Research Themes (SORTs) serve as a key mechanistic element of HKU's research strategy and encompass areas not just of strength, but also ambition and potential: