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Respiratory Viruses in Acute Conjunctivitis

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☑ MPhil/PhD ☒ MRes[Med] ☑ URIS

Acute conjunctivitis is a very common condition and the majority of cases are of viral origin. Viral conjunctivitis is known to be associated with respiratory tract infection and is highly contagious. However, the role of respiratory viruses in conjunctival infection, apart from adenovirus, remains largely unknown. In this project, we will examine conjunctival samples from patients with acute conjunctivitis to determine the viral aetiologies, using quantitative polymerase chain reactions (qPCR). This project combines clinical research and basic laboratory work.

Professor A Lee, Department of Ophthalmology

Professor Lee is an ophthalmologist with an academic interest in severe ocular surface diseases. She has supervised medical students of different years, and currently mentoring one MPhil student.

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