• Metabolism of retinal ganglion cells
  • Single-cell transcriptomics
  • Roles of non-coding RNA in axon regeneration
  • In vivo retinal ganglion cell imaging

Professor CKS Leung

  • Wide-field high speed optical coherence tomography
  • Retinal nerve fiber layer optical texture analysis
  • Virtual reality assessment of visual disability

Professor CKS Leung

  • Nicotinamide riboside for neuroprotection in glaucoma
  • Metformin for neuroprotection in glaucoma
  • Novel surgical devices for intraocular pressure reduction

Professor CKS Leung

  • Epidemiology and advances in management of dry eye diseases
  • The impact of the gut microbiome on ocular surface disease health
  • Improving corneal wound healing through novel topical therapeutics

Dr KC Shih

  • The use of deep learning systems to enhance diagnosis of cornea ectasia in Asians
  • AI-assisted triage and management of patients with visual loss

Dr KC Shih

  • Protecting the developing retina − ocular angiogenesis, retinopathy of prematurity, oxygen-induced retinopathy
  • Protecting the aging retina − retinal ischaemia/reperfusion injury, diabetic retinopathy, corneal nerve analyses for diabetic neuropathy
  • Protecting the brain − cerebral ischaemia/reperfusion injury, stroke
  • Bioengineering − cell-based controlled drug delivery
  • Development of novel molecular and cellular therapeutic approaches for ocular and cerebral diseases


  • Prevention of glaucoma progression with new treatment modalities and lifestyle modification
  • Collagen crosslinking − its clinical application in glaucoma-related diseases and others
  • Enhancement of disease detection and monitoring

Dr BNK Choy

  • Augmentation and modification of trabeculectomy
  • Minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries
  • Effect of long-term glaucoma medications on subsequent glaucoma surgery

Dr JCH Chan

  • Patient experience
  • Output measurements and improvements

Dr JCH Chan

  • Building in vitro physiologically representative models: Eye-on-a-chip microfluidic platforms for glaucoma-related and corneal scarring-related studies
  • Contact lens-based devices for theranostics applications
  • Microfluidic-based diagnostic tools for small volume samples

Dr JYK Chan

  • Epidemiology of ocular surface tumours
  • Role of micro-organisms in pathogenesis of ocular surface tumours
  • Evidence based practice in management of ocular surface tumours

Dr A Lee

  • Antimicrobial susceptibility of ophthalmic pathogens
  • Microbiology of the ocular surface
  • Antimicrobial stewardship in ophthalmology

Dr A Lee

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JIA Shuo

Place of Origin: China
Progress: PhD Year 3
Supervisor: Dr JCH Chan




June 2021