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Big Data Analysis on Cardiovascular Outcome, Including Atrial Fibrillation, Heart Failure, Diabetes Mellitus and Myocardial Infarction, Using a Well-Validated Population Based Cohort

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Our group is expertise in using big-data analytics to determine disease pathogenesis, epidemiology and treatment outcome in various cardiovascular diseases.

Professor KH Yiu, Department of Medicine

Professor Yiu received his undergraduate degree in 2001 and completed his Cardiology specialty training in 2008 at the Queen Mary Hospital. He subsequently joined the University of Hong Kong in 2011 as a Clinical Assistant Professor in Cardiology and been promoted to Clinical Associate Professor at the Department of Medicine in 2015. He has completed his Doctor of Medicine degree (HKU) in year 2012 and PhD in 2016 at the Leiden University, the Netherlands on “Clinical application of cardiac imaging: echocardiography and computed tomography”. He has prolifically published over 130 peer-review original articles in international peer-review journals. Among these, he was either first or corresponding author in 45 of them; including 9 articles with impact factors exceeding 5 (Maximum 15). In addition, Professor Yiu has acquired the clinical skills of transcatheter aortic valvular implantation (TAVI) in year 2010 in Lepzig, Germany and had performed over 40 procedures during his stay in Leiden.

His research interest is based on the advanced imaging technique in the cardiovascular system using novel echocardiography techniques and computed tomography. By using these imaging techniques, he was able to identify subclinical cardiovascular abnormalities that improves management of patients with or at risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, he has established and led three important research study projects, namely the Chinese Valvular Heart Disease study (CVATS), the Chinese Diabetic Heart Disease Study (CDATS) and the Chinese Rheumatology Heart Disease Study (CRADS). He is the first and corresponding author of 3 original articles based on the CVATS of which one of them was published in Circulation and was awarded with the “Distinguished Research Paper Award for Young Investigator 2014: Hong Kong College of Physician”. He is the first and/or corresponding author of 6 original articles and 1 review article on CDATS. In addition, he is the first and/or corresponding author over 10 original articles and 1 review article on CRADS. Based on the ground work from these 3 important study consortiums, Professor Yiu has secured 3 GRF grants and 1 HMRF grant, with a total of over 5 million HKD, in the past 5 years.

His clinical interest includes interventional cardiology (coronary and structural) and cardiac imaging. He is also leading the cardiology service in the HKUSZ-hospital and currently the deputy COS of the Department of Medicine, HKUSZ hospital.

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