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Ferroptosis as potential target in ovarian cancer therapy

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☑ MPhil/PhD ☒ MRes[Med] ☒ URIS

Ovarian cancer is a malignancy of high mortality, attributed to relatively common chemoresistance and recurrence. Our team is experienced in studying genetics and cell biology of ovarian cancer with correlation to clinical and pathological parameters. In particular, the impact of different forms of regulated cell death such as apoptosis and autophagy on ovarian cancer chemosensitivity is an important research focus. Ferroptosis, a recently described iron dependent regulated cell death, is emerging as important in cancer development and response to therapy.

We initiated this study by first evaluating the susceptibility of ovarian cancer cells towards classic ferroptosis inducers. We now plan to study a few US-FDA-approved drugs with history of use in various diseases are found to induce ferroptosis. This study aims to explore possible repurposing of these drugs for ovarian cancer therapy, either as single agent or as adjunct to chemotherapy, in vitro cell lines and ovarian cancer patient derived xenograft in vivo model. Moreover, the mechanism of ferroptosis resistance will be investigated focusing on genetic manipulation of candidate ferroptosis regulator genes involved in lipid metabolism and metabolic pathway. The results of this study will pave the way for repurposed use of relatively safe pharmaceutical agents targeting ferroptosis as novel therapy for ovarian cancer.

Professor ANY Cheung, Department of Pathology

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