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20-year outcomes of patients with schizophrenia and Bipolar affective disorders

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Introduction and purpose of the study: Both schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorders are chronic mental health illness that have significant impact on the quality of life of the patients and their family caregivers. The advancement of interventions and mental health services, including the early intervention services, intend to improve the long-term outcomes of these conditions. The long-term course of these illnesses in current service settings in unclear so as the factors relating to that.

This is an GRF funded study to examine the 20-year course of illness of patients with first-onset schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorders.

Study plan and methodology: Suitable patients will be identified based on our existing first-episode cohort established 20 years ago. Patients will be recruited for a face-to-face clinical and cognitive function assessments and brain imaging scan. Clinical records of the patients will also be accessed to extract relevant information including hospitalization and medication prescription. Comparison between the outcomes, in particular the brain health, between patients with different diagnosis with matched healthy controls will be conducted.

Professor Sherry Kit Wa Chan, Department of Psychiatry

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