The establishment of the Department of Psychiatry marks the first psychiatric unit in Hong Kong attached to and serving a general hospital, delivering clinical services, teaching and research in order to improve treatment and health in people with mental illness. The Department offers teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate courses; fostering the career development and training to students, trainees, academics and professionals. We conduct cutting edge research investigation on key specialty areas, with an aim to bring the scientific discoveries to daily clinical applications. The active research areas of the Department are:

1. Brain Ageing (Dementia) and Cognitive Impairment  
2. Geriatric Depression 
3. Mood Disorders (Bipolar and Depressive Disorders) 
4. Psychotic Disorders and High-Risk Groups 
5. Sleep Disorders  
6. Substance Misuse  
7. Early Intervention for Psychosis and Other Mental Disorders 
8. Youth Mental Health 
9. Community Women Mental Health 
10. Psychiatric Genetics and Bioinformatics 
11. Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation for Mental Disorders 
12. Neuroimaging Research for Mental Disorders 
13. Cognitive and Experimental Investigation of Psychopathology  
14. Physical Health and Mental Disorders  

Supervisor(s) Research Interest

Professor EYH Chen

Brain and cognitive psychopathology; Computational neuroscience applications in psychiatry; Early intervention and youth mental health; Jockey Club Mental Wellness Project for Women (JCWOW); Psychotic disorders research (PSI)

Dr SKW Chan

Brain structure and connectivity

Dr WC Chan

Ageing, cognitive, and mood disorders research

Dr WC Chang

Clinical high-risk (at-risk mental state) for psychosis: prediction and prevention; Ecological psychiatry

Dr KF Chung

Health psychology; Sleep disorders research

Dr CLM Hui

Relapse of psychosis: prediction and prevention

Professor PC Sham

Interdisciplinary clinical neuroscience studies

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Information on selected projects or research areas: Interested candidates are advised to email the relevant supervisors.  Please enclose with your email: (i) your CV, (ii) a brief description of your research interest and experience, and (iii) two reference letters (reference letters not required for HKUMed UG students seeking MRes[Med] or URIS projects)

Research studies enquiries specific to the Department/School’s research should be directed to the Departmental Research Postgraduate Advisor: Dr KF Chung (

Information on the research programme, funding support and admission requirements could be found on the RPg Admissions website.

General admission enquiries should be directed to