Academic Awards for Research Postgraduate Students in the Medical Faculty

Dr KP Stephen Chang Gold Medal

Dr KP Stephen Chang Gold Medal is awarded annually to a candidate in the Faculty who has written the best PhD thesis in that academic year. The major selection criteria are originality, quality of presentation, and merit of the research work. Previous Medals recipients include:

Year Awardee
Thesis Title
1993-94 Dr REN Feng
Immunoneurobiological studies of retinal ganglion neuronotrophic factor and its application in experimental treatment of retinoblastoma
Dr QIU Bo Sheng
A study on the ulcerogenic mechanisms of nicotine on stress-induced gastric glandular ulcers in rats
1994-95 Dr LEUNG Tze Ming
Immunological studies of a phosphorylcholine-specific antibody using gene transfer techniques
1995-96 Dr TAO Qian
Cellular localization and gene expression of Epstein-Barr virus in non-neoplastic nasal mucosa and nasal lymphoma
1996-97 Dr SO Chi Wai
Studies on the mixed lineage leukemia gene and identification of a novel fusion partner gene, EEN, in human leukemia
1997-98 Dr CHIANG Kwok Shing
Pathogenetic role of Epstein-Barr virus relation to tumour cell characteristics of nasal T/NK cells lymphomas
1998-99 Dr XIE Bin
Sex hormone-induced mammary carcinogenesis in the Noble rat
1999-00 Dr BIAN Jinsong
The role of protein kinase C upon k-opioid receptor stimulation in the heart
Dr Edward LYNN
The role of lipoproteins in the development of glomerulosclerosis
2000-01 Dr Nathaniel J DOMINY
Trichromacy and the ecology of food selection in four African primates
2001-02 Dr SIU Lai Ping Lisa
The molecular pathology of natural killer cell malignancies
2002-03 Dr JIANG Xiaohua
Targeting cell signaling pathway in treatment of gastric cancer by chemotherapeutic agents
Dr LING Ming Tat
The role of Id-1 in prostate development and carcinogenesis
2003-04 Dr WONG Ka Ho Danny
Quantitation of hepatitis B virus covalently closed circular DNA in chronic hepatitis B patients
2004-05 Dr CHEUNG Chung Yan
Response of human primary monocyte-derived macrophages to infection with highly pathogenic human influenza A virus subtype H5N1
2005-06 Dr CHAN Yuk Yee
The role of angiotensin II and angiotensin receptors in the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy
2006-07 Dr LIU Baohua
Genomic instability and accelerated cellular senescence in laminopathy-based premature ageing
2007-08 Dr LI Sze Wing
Profiling of gene expression changes in human colon crypt maturation and study of their dysregulation in tumourigenesis
2008-09 Dr WONG Chak Lui
Regulations and functions of Rho-kinases in hepatocellular carcinoma
2009-10 Dr CHEN Leilei
(Clinical Oncology)
Identification and characterization of CHD1L in hepatocellular carcinoma
2010-11 Dr LIU Chenli
For mation of novel biological patterns by controlling cell motility
2011-12 Dr SO Hon Cheong
Genetic architecture and risk prediction of complex diseases
2012-13 Dr LI Yan
(Clinical Oncology)
Identification and characterization of two oncogenes SPOCK1 and AZIN1 in hepatocellular carcinoma
2013-14 Dr LIU Ming
(Clinical Oncology)
Identification and characterization of novel genetic alterations in the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma
2014-15 Dr XIANG Zheng
(Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)
The roles of Vγ9Vδ2-T cells in Epstein-Barr Virus-Induced B cell lymphoproliferative disease
2015-16 Dr HE Bailiang
Functional study of zebrafish Flt3 in embryonic hematopoiesis with particular reference to modeling human FLT3/ITD AML
2016-17 Dr LAM Sze Yuen
In vitro drug screening identified homoharringtonine (omacetaxine mepesuccinate) as an effective adjunct for treatment of FLT3-ITD acute myeloid leukaemia
2017-18 Dr CHIU Kung Chun
The role of hypoxia on myeloid-derived suppressor cell accumulation in hepatocellular carcinoma
2018-19 Dr AN Liwei
(School of Biomedical Sciences)
Role of ring finger protein 169 in DNA double strand break signaling and repair