Research Areas

Molecular Chinese Medicine Laboratory

Can we explain the actions of Chinese medicines in a scientific way?

Is the combination of Western and Chinese medicines better and safer?

Major Research Areas

Natural product chemistry and cell signalling:

  • Mechanisms underlying the biological effects of medicinal herbs.
  • Development of a technology platform (high throughout and high content analysis) for natural products and Traditional Chinese Medicine research.
  • Drug discovery − applying a combination of molecular techniques for the purification and identification of bioactive molecules in medicinal herbs.
  • Isolation and structure elucidation of biologically active components with therapeutic interest from Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Biology of interferon and cytokines in microbial infections − signalling pathways and gene regulation (e.g., HIV, Mycobacterium and other pathogens).

Contact Persons

Dr C.B. Li
Tel: 3917 9863

Dr L.H. Yang
Tel: 2589 0538