Research Areas

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

What regulates the growth and spreading of cancer in female reproductive tissues? How can we treat patients with these cancers?

How can we improve fertilisation, implantation and pregnancy rates in IVF treatment?

Major Research Areas

Tumour markers in gynaecological cancers; oncogenes in gynaecological malignancies; tumour suppressor genes and virus in cervical and vulva cancer; chemosensitivity and drug resistance in gynaecological cancers; management of gynaecological malignancies; study of epigenetics factors in gynaecological cancer development; study of mitochondrial DNA mutations in gynaecological cancers; psychosocial intervention in patients with gynaecological cancers; quality of life of patients receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in Hong Kong Chinese women; menopause and hormone replacement therapy; effects of Chinese Herbs for menopause on cognitive function and mood of Chinese women; oestrogen and implantation; assisted reproduction; fertilisation; interaction between embryo/sperm and reproductive tract; endometrial receptivity; spermatogenesis; placental development; transgenic mice; stem cells; role of microRNA in reproduction; medical abortion and contraception.

Maternal-fetal medicine:
Epidemiology of gestational diabetes mellitus in Chinese patients; dietary manipulation in the treatment of diabetes in pregnancy; predictors of preterm delivery; group B Streptococcus screening; ultrasonographic assessment of pregnancies at risk of alpha thalassaemia major; early intrauterine physiological changes of Hb Bart's disease; biochemical and ultrasound screening for fetal Down's syndrome; hematopoietic stem cell culture from umbilical cord blood; 3-dimensional ultrasound for fetal anomalies and growth; use of 3-dimensional/4-dimensional ultrasound in prenatal diagnosis; expression of granulin-epithelin precursor during pregnancy; fetal DNA/RNA in maternal serum.

Chairman of Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee

Professor W.S.B. Yeung
Tel: 2255 3405