Research Areas

Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care

How can we improve the health and primary care services for people from low-income families?

Can the routine measurement of patients' health-related quality of life improve the quality of medical care?

How can we implement best practice in chronic disease management in real world primary care?

Major Research Areas

Health-related quality of life (HRQOL):
Validation and standardisation of assessment instruments as outcome measures; quality of life of patients with chronic diseases, measurement of health preference (utility); and application of HRQOL outcomes in cost-effectiveness analysis.

Medical education:
Undergraduate and postgraduate medical education research with a combined qualitative and quantitative approach.

Primary care:
Diagnosis and management of common health problems; use of antibiotics; sexual health and HIV; diagnosis and management of mental health problems; and evaluation of mental health services.

Primary healthcare services research and health equity:
Evaluation of outcome and quality of care, new model of chronic disease care, multidisciplinary team care and service utilisation, health equity and health for marginalised groups.

Departmental Postgraduate Admission Advisor

Professor T.P. Lam
Tel: 2518 5657
Fax: 2814 7475