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The Medical Faculty's research achievements have been built on our commitment to the betterment of human health.
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The Faculty has always been at the forefront of medical research and development of new clinical services for the benefit of mankind. With our researchers’ toil and persistence, we have made important contributions to the study and treatment of cancers and liver diseases, and have made notable advances in tissue typing, spinal surgery, infectious diseases, in-vitro fertilisation, endocrinology and tobacco-related diseases.

Based on existing strengths and critical mass, the Faculty has established five Strategic Research Areas which explicitly break down boundaries and open up new domains of discovery, and promote cross-disciplinary investigation and collaboration. The Faculty has also set up Core Facilities that provide technical support to various research teams. All of these will translate into research that benefits patients and the community. The Faculty has a remarkable history of achievement, but that can only be sustained by continued research funding and support from the community. It is a symbiotic relationship, for which resources from the community will enable us to improve the health for all.