Research Projects
Investigating the Impact of Systemic Immune Responses in Neuroimmune Responses and Neurodegeneration

Programme(s) to which this project applies:

☑ MPhil/PhD ☒ MRes[Med] ☒ URIS
About the Project

We are using zebrafish and cre-lox mice as experimental models in our laboratory. We investigate how peripheral body injury affect infiltration of immune cells in the brain in zebrafish. We employ laparotomy and periodontitis in mice for this study. We use quantitative PCR, Western-blot, and AAV to study pathological genes and proteins. We will also use transparent brain method to investigate cell-cell interactions and neuronal paths. Interested students should have laboratory experiences in either mice or zebrafish. Candidate should have acquired laboratory skills in one or two of techniques we use. More importantly, candidate should be able to graduate with first class honour because of the requirement of Hong Kong PhD Scheme.

About the Supervisor

Dr RCC Chang, School of Biomedical Sciences


Next Step?

For more information or to express interest for this project, please email the supervisor or the specified contact point in the project description.  Interested candidates are advised to enclose with your email:

  1. your CV,
  2. a brief description of your research interest and experience, and
  3. two reference letters (not required for HKUMed UG students seeking MRes[Med]/URIS projects).

Information on the research programme, funding support and admission documentations could be referenced online at the Research Postgraduate Admissions website.

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