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Host factors that determine severity of influenza and COVID-19 disease

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Severe disease in influenza and COVID-19 is associated with lung damage due to inflammation triggered by infection, rather than the infection itself. Whilst inflammation is an essential defence mechanism, excessive or uncontrolled inflammation leads to tissue damage, pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). A close correlation between inflammation and severe disease has been shown in influenza and COVID-19. However, an understanding of the complexities of the systemic inflammatory response to these viruses is lacking. The goal of this study is to identify and study potential gene targets that mediate the development of severe disease. This project uses animal and cell culture models of infection and disease and techniques including immunophenotyping, single cell transcriptomics and gene silencing and knockout.

Dr MP Zanin, School of Public Health

My research is focused on zoonotic viral respiratory pathogens. I seek to understand (i) host and viral factors that underlie the transmission of avian influenza viruses in mammals, and, (ii) which host responses lead to severe influenza and COVID-19 disease.

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