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The role of intolerance of uncertainty and negative meta-cognitive beliefs in fear of cancer recurrence: a longitudinal study

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While low level of concerns about the potential threat of cancer recurrence is a normal, realistic response, high fear of cancer recurrence (FCR) can be detrimental, affecting individuals’ quality of life and functional capacity. Locally, one in three cancer survivors reported high fear of cancer recurrence. Our recent study and other studies partially supports the role of metacognition in FCR, a larger proportion of FCR variability was left unexplained. It is, therefore, imperative to identify other potential risk factor(s) for FCR. Studies have examined the role of IU in explaining emotional disturbances, the transdiagnostic nature of IU. While the role of metacognitive beliefs about worry has been tested in the context of FCR, little is known about the role of IU in FCR. The role of cognitive attentional syndrome on the relationship between IU and FCR has not been investigated. To date, there is no study, which simultaneously investigate IU, negative metacognition beliefs, CAS, and FCR. The present study aims to address the literature gaps. Hence, the proposed longitudinal study aims to examine the role of IU and negative metacognitive beliefs in FCR among cancer survivors.

Dr WWT Lam, School of Public Health

Dr. Wendy WT Lam is currently Associate Professor at the School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong. She is the director of the HKU Jockey Club Institute of Cancer Care (JCICC). She is also the head of the Division of Behavioural Sciences, at the School of Public Health and an academic director of Master of Public Health Program. She is an active contributor in International Psycho-oncology Society, currently being a vice-president. Her research interests focus on psychosocial adaptation patterns and service optimization in cancer patients. She is currently leading the JCICC team to develop a care model to integrate psychosocial services into routine cancer care. Under her directorship, JCICC has recently established the first cancer survivorship clinic in Hong Kong offering support in managing post-treatment symptoms, as well as personalized diet and physical activity advice.

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