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Characterising the immune response to influenza neuraminidase protein

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The neuraminidase (NA) protein is the second most abundant glycoprotein on the surface of the influenza virus. Due to its broad reactivity and its role as an independent correlate of protection, NA have become a candidate for universal influenza vaccine design. However, there is a paucity of population immunity data to this protein, the extent of its cross-reactivity and its role in protection against emerging influenza viruses of concern. The objective of this study is to investigate the extent of humeral immunity that is present in the human population to influenza neuraminidase (NA) proteins of human and animal origin.

Professor SS Wong, School of Public Health

My laboratory’s research interest is focused on understanding the immunological and virological determinants of robust antibody responses after respiratory virus infection and vaccination at a population as well as at the individual level. In collaboration with other investigators, we study the immunological principles that govern antibody recall of rapidly evolving and antigenically-variable viruses using clinical or human cohort samples, or in animal models. This research area is critical to our understanding of respiratory viruses’ vaccine efficacy and pathogenesis and how that affects the population’s susceptibility to these viruses."

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