Dr Jian Ping Chen, Principal Lecturer at the School of Chinese Medicine, shared her wisdom in a recent Instagram TV video on how our diet affects our mental health from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as she helps us better understand the health preserving principles through introducing types of food that could help enhance our mental health and physical health.

Check out Dr Chen's recipes that may help strengthen your body to guard against any respiratory infectious diseases!

Monk Fruit Tea (羅漢果茶)

  • 材料:羅漢果1/2個、無花果3-5枚、南北杏各12克、雪梨(帶皮)2個、橙(帶皮) 1個、白蘿蔔(帶皮)半個、熱重者可加青橄欖5 枚。
  • 做法:以上諸味用6-8碗水,中火煎煮30分鐘即可。
  • 功效:潤肺化痰,預防呼吸道疾病。
  • 用法:代茶水頻服用(男女老少皆宜)。

SanBaiTang (三白固肺湯)

  • 材料:白蘿蔔一個(500 克左右)切塊、白扁豆25克、白果12粒、百合25克、生黃 芪40克、黃豆/黑豆30克、紅棗3 枚、陳皮1 個、生薑3 片,可配排骨煲湯。
  • 做法:以上諸味用10碗水,大火煲滾後,中小火煲煮90分鐘左右。
  • 功效:固金補肺,預防呼吸道疾病。
  • 用法:煲湯全家服用。

Refer here for The School of Chinese Medicine’s measures to prevent respiratory infectious diseases.

Your emotions are deeply connected to your five Zang-organs. See how they connect the dots in the table below!