Research Postgraduate Studies
Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

The Faculty has established close research collaborative links with many prestigious universities/research institutions overseas. Student exchange activities are therefore encouraged with a view to broadening the scope of collaborations. MPhil/PhD students may have opportunities to engage in research exchange at overseas universities/research institutions to allow them to acquire advanced research knowledge and technology. The maximum duration of exchange is half the period of a student's programme of study. Subsistence allowance and travel grant may be granted to eligible candidates. Students are required to consult their supervisors to explore opportunities for research exchange.

The University/Medical Faculty administers a number of scholarships which are awarded to postgraduate students for outstanding academic achievements. Applications for the scholarships will be invited throughout the year.



Specific to the Medical Faculty

  • Chan To Haan Prize for Research Postgraduate Students in Pathology- HK$20,000 (~US$2,560) 
  • Dragon Culture Doctoral Scholarship for Medicine - HK$50,000 (~US$6,410) 
  • HKU Postgraduate Fellowship in Neurosurgery - HK$80,000 (~US$10,260) 
  • KAN Shin Yu Chinese Medicine Postgraduate Research Prizes - HK$10,000 (~US$1,280) 
  • Mary Sun Medical Scholarships - HK$15,000 (~US$1,920) 
  • Simon Wong Pharm Manufacturing Industrial Scholarship - HK$20,000 (~US$2,560) 
  • Viatris Pharmacy Practice Research Scholarship HK$20,000 (~US$2,560)    
  • Wong Ching Yee Medical Postgraduate Scholarships - HK$20,000 (~US$1,280) 
  • Yip Cheung Yip Ka Bing Residential Scholarship - up to HK$70,000 (~US$8,970) 
  • YS and Christabel Lung Postgraduate Scholarship - up to HK$42,100 (~US$5,400) 

MPhil and PhD students are eligible to apply for conference and/or travel grants for presenting papers/posters in overseas academic conferences or participating in other overseas educational activities. The maximum amount of funding is HK$13,500 (~US$1,730). 

HKUMed offers an entrance scholarship for high-calibre PhD candidates who have been considered for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowships or the HKU Presidential Scholar Programme. The scholarship is valued at HK$50,000 to be payable in four half-yearly instalments starting from the 1st year of enrolment.