Department of Anaesthesiology

Research Questions

  • What clinical interventions can effectively reduce pain?
  • How can pain signalling be regulated?
  • Does the type of anaesthesia affect circulating cancer cells?
  • Why may the brain become inflamed after surgery?
Researcher at Department of Anaesthesiology

1. Pain Medicine and Dental Sedation

Dental sedation drugs and techniques; safety of intravenous sedation; acute post-operative dental pain; chronic orofacial pain; mechanisms of pain; neuromodulation and pain.


2. Pain Management

Pain and pro-inflammatory markers; genetics and pain; complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS); acute post-operative pain management; chronic and cancer pain management; pain medications and techniques on pain management; effect of pain on patient outcomes.


Professor CW Cheung


3. Opioid Pre- and Post-Conditioning


4. Perioperative Medicine


5. Pharmacokinetic Variations in Various Disease States; Dose Response Characteristic


6. Total Intravenous Anaesthesia

Propofol, remifentanil, dexmedetomidine; patient-controlled and target-controlled infusion.


Professor M Irwin


7. Cardiac Protective Effects of Opioid Drugs, Especially Remifentanil in Both Animal Models and Clinical Studies

Role of inflammatory mediators in the development of chronic pain in animal models; analgesic effects of antiepileptic drugs.


Dr GTC Wong


8. Anaesthetic Drugs and Pain Management

Effect of propofol for acute postoperative pain, analgesic mechanisms of propofol in animal models of chronic regional pain syndrome, regional anaesthesia and postoperative pain.


Dr SSC Wong


9. Human Stem Cell Therapy for Neurological Disorder


10. Molecular Understanding of Pain


11. Signalling Mechanisms in Peripheral Nervous System Development


Dr JAJ Liu

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