140 for 140: Great Minds for Grand Challenges
Strategic Area: Data Science/Big Data/AI Applications in Biomedicine & Health

Biomedical information is growing exponentially and, when handled effectively, provides opportunities for future personalised medicine programmes and improvements to patient care.

HKUMed has been positioning itself to capitalise on these opportunities. It recently established the Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health (D24H) to apply data-driven approaches and AI analytics in areas that are of global concern and reflect HKU’s expertise, including tracking emerging pathogens and investigating the threats and responses to these and other pathogens, particularly respiratory viruses. HKUMed is also the only Asian-based founding member of The Trinity Challenge (TTC), which is being coordinated by the University of Cambridge. The TTC will apply data analytics to better predict and prevent infectious disease outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics, and to improve the health, economic and social response and recovery to health emergencies and endemic diseases.

To support this work, HKUMed is recruiting outstanding academics from multiple disciplines, such as epidemiology, bioinformatics, economics, sociologists, computer engineering, data science. We are looking for individuals that have strong research track records, who can help us to further build and grow our presence in this ground-breaking and innovative field.

  1. Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
  2. Department of Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine