Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health (D²4H)

As innovation continues to flourish in the area of healthcare technology, there is a vacant niche for the careful and proper curation of data resources in order to bridge the gap in developing novel, deep analytics that can stand up to scientific scrutiny.

The nascent Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health (D24H) is set to fill this gap. It aims to gather and curate massive, unique data resources and to develop new, deep, frontier analytics in protecting global public health and improving individual healthcare through precision medicine. 

“We are bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of the world’s leading scientists to apply big data and AI in ways that will transform our approaches to understanding and treating disease,” said Professor Gabriel Leung, Chief Scientific Officer Emeritus of D24H. 

D24H will focus on the following research programmes:

  1. AI-Enhanced Global and Personal Health Protection
    Lead Scientist: Professor Joseph Wu
  2. AI-Metagenomic Platform to Identify Emerging Pathogens
    Lead Scientists: Professor Guan Yi and Dr Tommy Lam
  3. AI-Enabled Causal Inference for Disease Control
    Lead Scientist: Professor Benjamin Cowling
  4. AI and Pharmaceuticals in Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
    Lead Scientist: Professor Ian Wong
  5. AI-Assisted Scalable Data Analytics for Global Health Protection
    Lead Scientist: Dr Joshua Ho
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