Giving to HKUMed

Your support shall enable HKUMed, through scholarships, to:

  • nurture capable and promising students to pursue undergraduate studies at the Medical Faculty and free them from any financial constraints.
  • attract and groom high-calibre students to pursue research postgraduate studies and raise its research capabilities.
  • enhance students' totality of learning experiences by encouraging them to take part in learning activities and training programmes.

With the support of the benefactors, a range of scholarships and prizes are made available for current and prospective students of HKUMed:


Entrance Scholarships

  • For Undergraduate Students: the Scholarships are awarded annually to students with outstanding public examinations and to degree holders with excellent academic performance. To promote equal learning opportunities, underprivileged students could be supported by Springboard Scholarships schemes. The Scholarship shall be tenable for one year or renewable until completion of studies
  • For Research Postgraduate Students: the Scholarships are awarded to research postgraduate students of any discipline of study on the basis of academic merit and research calibre


Enrichment Scholarships

  • Enrichment Scholarships aims to support full-time undergraduate students to broaden their horizons and enrich the totality of their university experience. The Scholarships shall be awarded based on academic merit and financial need. The location, duration of the activity will also be takin into account.


Prizes for Undergraduate Students

  • Prizes shall be awarded annually to undergraduate students of any programmes in recognition of their academic attainments in examinations, excellence in coursework or clinical practice.


Enrichment/Student Support Grants

  • Grants shall be provided to full-time undergraduate students of any programmes under the Medical Faculty for their participation in learning activities or training programme, or accommodation at HKU residential halls, colleges or Medical Student Residences during their studies.