The University of Hong Kong Medical Alumni Association (HKUMAA) was incorporated in January 1999 and was registered under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 32) on 26th February 1999 (registration no. 668106). The Association is administrated by 16 office bearers and currently has over 1,600 members including medical graduates, students and Faculty staff.

The HKUMAA is a non-profit organisation. Through the unity, wisdom, and expertise of our members, the Association aims to promote the science and art of medicine for public benefit, and to act as a body for the purpose of consultation in matters of educational or public interest. Educational activities to colleagues and the public have also been planned.

In the past few years, the HKUMAA organised many activities including Talk by outstanding alumni, golf tournament, Alumni Day at the Medical Faculty Building, reunion banquet, etc. The HKUMAA will continue to get in touch with as many alumni as possible, and to strengthen fraternity and solidarity from various generations of alumni.

"The most important reason to join the Association is that we share a common lineage, the same philosophy and culture and similar aspirations. We also feel the need to know more about one another and to offer assistance whenever necessary."

Professor Rosie Tse-tse Young,
Founding President of HKUMAA

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