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130 Mentorship Programme 3rd Sharing Forum – “ROAD to Serve”

About 80 MBBS students, mentees, alumni and mentors attended the third Sharing Forum of the HKUMAA 130 Mentorship Programme online on 22 October 2022, in which they learned about the training, the development and the skillsets on career preparation of their interested specialties.


Talk by Professor Lau Chak Sing

Professor Lau Chak Sing, Dean of Medicine, delivered a captivating and instructive talk titled “The Normal One” after the 22nd Annual General Meeting of HKUMAA on 6 September 2022. Professor Lau shared his journey of becoming a rheumatologist and encouraged the alumni to stay positive and perseverant in the face of challenges and disappointment. Over 70 alumni, members of the Faculty and friends participated in the talk in person and via Zoom, and they got motivated by Professor Lau’s enlightening sharing.


130 Mentorship Programme Inauguration Ceremony (Term 2021-2023)

On 16 January 2022, HKUMAA held an Online Inauguration Ceremony (the Ceremony) to officially launch the new cohort of the 130 Mentorship Programme, which had attendance from over 100 mentors and mentees.

Dr Matthew Tsui, President of HKUMAA, kick-started the Ceremony with a heartfelt welcoming speech, followed by Dr Libby Lee and Dr Kevin Lau, Co-Chairmen of the Programme, who further shared objectives, structure and activities of the Programme. Dr Catherine Chong and Dr James Wesley Cheng, recurring Mentors of the programme, also shared some invaluable insights and tips.

The Ceremony ended with a 20-minute breakout session, where mentors and mentees were split into smaller groups to engage in meaningful and interactive discussion.


HKUMAA Reunion Football Match

HKUMAA organised a Reunion Football Match on December 12, 2021 (Sunday) at Stanley Ho Sports Centre. More than 30 MBBS alumni joined the match and they were divided into blue team (Dr Chan Chung Mau’s Team) and yellow team (Professor Paul Tam Kwong-hang’s Team). All participants tried their best to score goals, the yellow team beat the blue team by 1:0. Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of HKUMed, was invited to present the prize to the winners. Blessed by the weather, the event provided a great occasion for exercise, reunion and socialising among the alumni. The participants' spirits were high and they enjoyed the game immensely. [more]

HKUMAA 2021 Annual Dinner

HKUMAA organised its Annual Dinner on 3 December 2021 after almost two-year suspension of large-scale face-to-face activities due to COVID-19. More than 200 alumni, their families and friends attended the event. The evening was filled with joyous ambience and warm sharing among different generations of members of the HKU medical family and friends. Dr Matthew Tsui, President of HKUMAA, expressed his warm welcome and gratitude to all guests in his welcoming remarks. Medipella, a group of medical doctors, performed their original song Together written in light of the influence of COVID-19 to cheer everybody up. The highlight of the event would be Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of HKUMed, playing a guessing game with guests, where winners received exquisite gifts. [more]

130 Mentorship Programme 2nd Sharing Forum

Seeing to the positive response of the first Sharing Forum, HKUMAA organised another online Sharing Forum on 4 Sep 2021. Over 100 participants including mentors and mentees, MBBS students and young medical alumni enjoyed the occasion.

In the first part of the forum we were excited to have Dr Dacita Suen To-ki share with us her experience on basic surgery and general training. Her incredible surgical journey provided students and alumni with invaluable insights and guidance.

The sharing was followed by in-depth breakout room sessions, where our guest speakers were divided into three virtual rooms to freely discuss with participants about their respective sub-specialties. Dr Dacita Suen To-ki and Dr James Tsu Hok-leung hosted room 1, discussing General Surgery and Urology respectively. Dr Yan Chun-hoi and Dr Lui Wai-man hosted room 2, where they talked about Orthopaedics & Traumatology and Neurosurgery respectively. The last room was hosted by Dr Flora Wong Ling-yuen and Dr Randolph Wong Hung-leung, where they discussed Otorhinolaryngology and Cardiothoracic Surgery. [more]

Talk by Mr Henry Fan Hung-ling

Mr Henry Fan Hung-ling, Chairman of the Hospital Authority, delivered a captivating and interactive talk entitled “Sustainable Development: Public-Private Partnership”, immediately after the 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 5 August 2021. Mr Fan depicted the current situation of the medical field in Hong Kong and explored exciting public-private partnership possibilities that could potentially reform the industry. The talk saw active participation from the audience, who joined in person and via Zoom, which led to constructive and in-depth discussion. Over 50 alumni, members of the Faculty and friends enjoyed the occasion. [more]

130 Mentorship Programme Sharing Forum

HKUMAA organised its first Sharing Forum of the 130 Mentorship Programme on 29 May 2021. About 180 participants including mentors and mentees, MBBS students and young medical alumni enjoyed the occasion.

As the first of the series, Dr Wu Tak-chiu, Consultant and Head, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, QEH; Dr Li Chung-ki, Co-Director of Neurology Centre, HKSH and Dr Annabel Choy, Resident, Department of Medicine and Geriatrics, KWH talked about their working experiences in Internal Medicine, and conducted interactive exchanges on career path, training, opportunities and challenges of the specialty.

At the second part of the Forum, Ms Wincy Wong, Cluster General Manager (Human Resources), NTWC; Dr Lee Tsz-leung, Hospital Chief Executive, HKCH and Dr Que Tak-lun, Consultant Microbiologist, Department of Pathology, NTWC brought inspiring sharing and tips on resume writing, interviewing and career planning.[more]

"Connecting with Nature: A Step to a Healthier Lifestyle" – A Talk on Organic Gardening

A talk on organic gardening was held by Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM), HKU Medical Alumni Association (HKUMAA) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical Alumni Association at HKAM on 1 May 2021. Dr Arthur van Langenberg (MBBS 1962) and Dr Tom Ho (Dentist) shared their wonderful journey of organic gardening and invaluable tips for beginners. More than 70 medical professionals participated in the talk in person or via Zoom. On-site participants also had the opportunity to visit the HKAM’s roof garden where a wide variety of beautiful potted organic plants were planted.[more]

Professor Rosie Young’s 90th Birthday Celebration

October 23, 2020 marked a tremendous milestone for our Founding President Professor Rosie Young, a well-recognised icon in the medical profession both locally and internationally, as she marked her 90th birthday. To celebrate this joyous occasion...[more]

HKUMAA 20th Annual General Meeting

HKUMAA held its 20th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Lecture Theatre 1 of the Faculty on August 28, 2020. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dinner Talk originally proposed to be held right after the AGM has been cancelled to safeguard the well-being of our members...[more]

Dinner Talk by Professor Xiang Zhang

Professor Xiang Zhang, the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University, delivered a captivating dinner talk entitled "My Journey: Life and Sciences" immediately after the 19th Annual General Meeting of HKUMAA on July 23, 2019...[more]

HKUMAA Visit to Hong Kong Children's Hospital

This year, HKUMAA organised its Annual Outing on November 17, 2018 to Hong Kong Children's Hospital, which is bound to commence service by phases in the fourth quarter of 2018...[more]

HKUMAA Alumni Chamber Opening Party

To celebrate the grand re-opening of the recently renovated Alumni Chamber, HKUMAA organised an opening party on October 27, 2018, which attracted nearly 50 alumni and their families...[more]

HKUMAA Homecoming Visit and Sports Reunion 2018

HKUMAA organised a homecoming visit and a sports reunion for MBBS alumni, in particular Anniversary Classes 1978 to 2018, on September 9, 2018 (Sunday). More than 20 alumni and family members joined the homecoming visit...[more]

Dinner Talk by Dr Leo Wong Kwai Kuen

Dr Leo Wong Kwai Kuen, our MBBS 1959 alumnus and a seasoned photographer, delivered a dinner talk entitled「永恆的瞬間」immediately after the 18th Annual General Meeting of HKUMAA on July 23, 2018...[more]

HKUMAA Band Show 2018

Since its first Band Show on October 13, 2012, HKUMAA organised its second Band Show in a live house and restaurant in Wan Chai on May 19, 2018, drawing an almost full house of 140 medical alumni...[more]

HKUMAA Spring Dinner 2018

HKUMAA organised its annual Spring Dinner on March 6, 2018 to celebrate the Year of the Dog and wish its members and friends well. More than 180 alumni, their families and friends attended the event...[more]

Dinner Talk by Professor CP Lau

Professor CP Lau, Honorary Clinical Professor of HKU, delivered a dinner talk entitled "The Man who is Half a Boy: Romancing with Ming Furniture" immediately after the 17th Annual General Meeting of the HKUMAA on July 6, 2017...[more]

Family Sports and Fun Fiesta

The Family Sports and Fun Fiesta, jointly organised by HKU Medical Alumni Association (HKUMAA) and Hong Kong West Cluster Sports Association (HKWCSA), brought alumni, staff and students a weekend filled with family fun and entertainment...[more]

HKUMAA Spring Dinner 2017

HKUMAA organised its annual Spring Dinner on February 27, 2017 to celebrate the Year of the Rooster and wish its members and friends well. More than 200 alumni, their families and friends attended the event...[more]

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