Event Production
E-signage Display

If you are planning to promote events, call-to-actions, or any information to students, staff, and the public, you may publicise your promotion materials on our e-signage boards. The boards can also be borrowed for event use.

For any enquiries, please contact Mr Ricardo Ng at ricardo.ng@hku.hk

Graphic Requirements

Portrait size / Vertical

Aspect Ratio

(minimum size: 1080x1920 pixels)

Recommended Font Size

60+ pts


40-50 pts+

Body Text

30-40 pts

Recommended Tools
Tool Recommended Setup

Resolution: 1080x1920 pixels

Microsoft PowerPoint

Slide size: Portrait & Widescreen

Google Slides

Page setup: 1080x1920 pixels

Content Examples
Event Publicity


Digital Engagement


News, Announcements, Reminders, and Other Information
Locations of E-signages
Currently, a total of 10 e-signage boards are available in the William MW Mong Block:
LG/F Entrance of Medical Library
Outside each LT (Four in total)
1/F Near staircase to 2/F Learning Commons
Near the printers
Near the tutorial rooms
Near MTC
Display Schedule & Application

The display is updated every Monday. To display your items the following Monday, please complete and submit this e-form by Friday noon the latest.