140 for 140: Great Minds for Grand Challenges
Career Development

HKUMed strongly believes in providing strong academic advancement and career support and satisfaction for all its professoriate staff. We have a variety of activities, networking and resources for professoriate to use to guide their professional development at each stage of their career.

  • Early Academic Career Development Mentorship Scheme
    • The Early Academic Career Development Mentorship Scheme is part of the career development initiatives for clinical academics and non-clinical professionals to define and achieve their career pathway. Through our mentorship scheme, the participants are expected to be benefited in the following areas:
      • Explore goalpost in career pathway (short/medium/long term)
      • Develop leadership for challenges
      • Self-efficacy, self-betterment, and maximise potential
    • Junior clinical academics and non-clinical professionals will be provided with ample mentoring support by the experienced ones in the Faculty.  A nine-month scheme is designed for the first round. Final review will be conducted at the end of the pilot scheme.  An exit survey will be conducted six months after their graduation to collect the development/self-reflection of the mentees.
  • Faculty Development
Academic Life

Our Professors & Their Research

Professor Anskar Leung, Department of Medicine

Professor Kenneth Cheung, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology