140 for 140: Great Minds for Grand Challenges
Strategic Area: Global Health

HKUMed has a long and distinguished history in public and global health education, and our academic staff and graduates have made significant contributions to improving the health of individuals and populations at the local, regional and global levels. We regard public health as multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary in scope, an approach that has been affirmed most recently with the COVID-19 pandemic. Social determinants such as poverty and inequality are compounding the challenges to people’s health posed by infectious and non-communicable diseases. The impacts of climate change, the emergence of antimicrobial resistance, and the mental and emotional health and physical activity levels of populations are also growing concerns. Understanding issues such as the economic development of nations, the need for better health systems, displaced populations and inequitable conditions, the environment and the need for multilateral dialogues has become essential to securing public health, in addition to traditional foundations such as the study of diseases and epidemiological methods.

To support HKUMed’s commitment to a forward leaning, interdisciplinary approach to public health education and outreach, we are recruiting well-qualified, enthusiastic individuals who have a global outlook, expertise and experience, and a passion for bridging academic and real-world concerns. They will help advance and teach knowledge in areas that are critical to individual and population health.

  1. Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
  2. School of Public Health
  3. School of Public Health