140 for 140: Great Minds for Grand Challenges
Strategic Area: Chinese Medicine

HKUMed’s School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) aims to deliver quality teaching and research that is focused on modernising Chinese medicine. Our staff have extensive experience in combining approaches to Chinese medicine with Western medicine, in addition to integrating interdisciplinary approaches with biomedical sciences. In addition, HKUMed’s SCM is committed to research on therapeutic strategies for chronic illnesses, such as cancer and neurological disorders. All in all, the SCM equips students with solid knowledge and clinical skills and the critical thinking necessary for scientific and clinical research in Chinese medicine.

Currently, the SCM is affiliated with eight clinical centres for teaching and research, two of which are managed directly by us and six managed in collaboration with the Hong Kong Hospital authority, non-governmental organisations and HKU.

To support our academic and clinical work, HKUMed is recruiting innovative, quality leaders in Chinese medicine who are passionate in the modernisation of Chinese medicine and exploring its inter-disciplinary opportunities with biomedical sciences.

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